07 February, 2013

Evaluating the Capabilities of WordPress 3.5

WordPress the most preferred software by bloggers worldwide is of the open source category and is available free of charges. This efficient content management system tool is based on hypertext preprocessor or PHP helping in web development and creation of web pages that are dynamic in nature.  Among the several features WordPress boasts of, the template system and plug-in architecture are the most sought after by bloggers and web developers.

With the release of the latest version 3.5, the blogging community can now upgrade to this version as there are many new useful functions that are included in this version. The all-new sensitive theme called 20/12 (twenty twelve) is responsive and a new feature from WordPress. In order to achieve a concept that is rich typographically, your best bet is the latest twenty twelve concept from WordPress 3.5. There is no questioning the fact that WordPress has come a long way since inception and as far as media posting is concerned, the latest 3.5 version offers many ways to add pictures and create a collection of images.

With the all-new feature that lets you drag the picture wherever you want and drop it at the very exact place you wanted it in,  plus the re-ordering and caption editing In range allow users to experiment and make best use of these features while developing their blog or websites. Especially for people who own the latest version of the iPad that has Retina Display, the 3.5 version should prove to be a boon as the WordPress dashboard goes well with the device that sports Retina Display, offering superior clarity for the WordPress dashboard panel.

Apart from these new functions that make WordPress 3.5 a sought after bit of bloggers software tool,  users will notice that the Link Manager has been done away with, and when you check the configurations for privacy that used to feature under Settings followed by Privacy has now been changed to Settings followed by Reading. You can now set up the WordPress plug-ins right from your favorites itself. This helps save precious time and keeps you less harried.

However, before you hasten to upgrade your website, preferably on your own live hosting server, you need to thoroughly examine the theme capabilities of the plug-in and the website. In case you are stuck with a plug-in that you have been using for too long, it could need a bit of modification. Hence, you would need to validate it before going in for an upgrade to the newest version of WordPress. You no longer need to hire programmers who will not bat an eyelid when they charge you exorbitant rates for coding the functionality on their own websites. However, today with WordPress 3.5 at your command, you have access to thousands of plug-ins, what’s more, when almost all of them are available free of charge. It pays to read in detail the description of the plug-in, it should be easy with language options available that let you choose the language you prefer. Check to see if the plug-in is compatible with the latest version of WordPress before deciding to use it.


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