08 March, 2013

Essential Mobile Apps That Can Help You With Your Online Marketing

The online marketing business is a dynamic field. Every internet marketer is expected to multi-task. In fact, by only being active, you can make your business successful. However, it is not easy to be active on the web. That is why a host of mobile apps is there for you to choose and maneuver the online and offline aspects of the business from your mobile phone.

Below is the list of Essential Mobile Apps That Can Help You With Your Online Marketing


When you are working in collaboration with another marketer, it is very important that both of you have complete access to the shared data. Opening a Dropbox account on your Android, Blackberry, or iPhone will give you a space of 2 GB. Keep your data in Dropbox and enjoy its full backup. As your partner will also have a Dropbox account, you can share files, graphics, and even videos of huge size without any difficulty.

Additionally, sharing files and ideas with your clients becomes very convenient with this mobile application. In case your client does not have Dropbox then also you can send data by sharing a public link. 

For your business, if 2GB free space is not enough then you can get more space by paying a monthly charge and get up to 100 GB space.


Many online marketers prefer to work from home or from cafe's. Hence, scheduling a meeting with the clients would create undue expenses for you. With Gotomeeting, you can conduct client meetings from your home, cafe or anywhere you want. This mobile application provides a complete sound and picture quality, and even lets you share visuals with your clients.

All Android based phone and iPhone users can download Gotomeeting. Truly, it is one of the Essential Mobile Apps That Can Help You With Your Online Marketing.


Internet business ideas can strike anywhere - waiting for the client in a restaurant or while having breakfast. With Evernote, you do not need to have a pen and paper to jot down your business concepts.

This mobile app is compatible with iPhone, Blackberry, and Android phones. Evernote lets you create notes with different colors and fonts as per your convenience. Moreover, you can also snap pictures of your clients' business cards or other important material and save it in Evernote.

The application organizes all your data automatically. For instance, your notes and photos will be categorized in terms of the relevant keywords that exist in them. Hence, you will not have trouble in searching for the stored data at all.

Sharing notes and other elements with your business partner or clients is very easy. By sharing a public URL, you can allow whomever you want, to gain access to the intended stuff.

Google Analytics

For an internet marketer, his website authenticates his presence over the web. By using advanced SEO techniques, a website can be made popular. However, it is never possible for you to determine how well your website is doing unless you have a tool to track your website's interaction with the visitors.

Google Analytics is the free web tool for helping you in this aspect. It will keep you informed about the various activities such as the number of visits to your website, the performance of the website in comparison with the goals and so on.

You can download the application on an iPhone or an Android-based phone.


The online marketing business cannot flourish without social media presence. With the rise in the number of social media networks, you may find yourself struggling to keep all the social media accounts updated at all times. Hootsuite makes this task easier for you. 

This mobile app creates a single dashboard through which you can post business updates on every social media account easily. Hootsuite also has analytics feature, which helps you ascertain marketing campaigns on the social network.

Moreover, the links that you share with your online community through Hootsuite can be tracked for the number of visits and other elements.

Android-based phones, iPhones, and Blackberries can download this powerful app.

Raven Tools

Keeping track of different website marketing campaigns, blogs, and professional social networking accounts are an everyday job. At the same time, the job also proves to be very hectic.

Now, Raven Tools has been specially developed for iPhones. This app aims at integrating all your online web-marketing tasks. The major features of Raven Tools include management of social media accounts, supervision of content of blog and websites, and complete SEO organization like link building, and management of PPC campaigns.

Raven Tools has in total more than 30 features that can immensely help you keep your business in top shape.


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