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01 June, 2017

Digital Marketing Trends Nowadays (2017)

Digital Marketing has emerged as a more effective marketing strategy these days. It means marketing through digital technologies and reaching out to a large number of people to convert them into potential customers.  There are companies involved in managing Digital Marketing Campaigns for the businesses and this field has grown up as an important segment in the field of marketing. It has totally changed marketing strategies in India even in Udaipur also. There are lots of Digital marketing agencies or service providers are available in Udaipur who have given their efforts to establish this field in the city of Udaipur and contributed towards the growth of business environment.
Frequently used Digital marketing techniques or trends –

There are various techniques used for digital marketing but, some of the most used techniques are as follows –
  1. Content Marketing - It is creation of effective, valuable and consistent content which is distributed to clearly defined audience to gain profit out of it. Various digital marketing companies in Udaipur, India are involved in content marketing. They provide services in effective content writing.
  2. Social Media - It is marketing through which social sites like Facebook, Instagram , Twitter are used to promote the product and attracting customer by using these sites.
  3. Marketing Automation – it is a technique in which software designed to approach customers through multiple channels again and again such as emails websites etc. Companies heir Digital Marketing Agencies to manage their online promotional activities.
  4. Mobile Marketing – In today’s world mobile has become an essential part for everyone. It is a medium through which customers can be approached directly. Mobile app development and email templates play an important role in mobile marketing. There are companies involved in providing digital marketing services in that they manage all the email campaigns of the companies ran for marketing purpose.
  5. SEO – Search engine optimization is an important part in digital marketing. It diverts huge number of viewers towards the targeted sites for which online marketing strategy is prepared.  Digital Marketing Agency is hired for SEO activities. There are agencies in India, Udaipur providing their services in the growth of business either small or large scale.
  6. Paid per click – It is a recent technique used for the promotion of sites. In this a service provider is paid for per click on the ads displayed for example AdWords. In this an ads are displayed on Google network and is paid only when the ad is clicked over. This helps in business to plan their budget for online advertisements.
  7. Display Advertising – It is a online marketing strategy which involves text, video, images and audio to be displayed for the business to be promoted online. It delivers general information about the business to be promoted and it turns intention of customer to buy the product. These displays are done over different sites, Facebook, twitter etc.
  8. Influencer Marketing – In this a specific individual is targeted instead of entire market. These are the individuals who can impact the potential buyers. A study is conducted by digital marketing services to know the influencers. 
The above mentioned trends are followed these days in Digital Marketing though it is a vast field and many techniques are followed to manage marketing services.  It has provided a more analytical study towards marketing efforts done by businesses to plan and built up a strategy business growth.

Author Bio: 
Julie Ranawat is a technical fanatical and a Particular Author working with Udaipur Web Designer. I love to spend some time studying about the most latest digital marketing trends news. Udaipur Web provides Search Engine marketing Services India that helps companies to improve traffic and business leads.

23 June, 2016

4 reasons why is better to get your PPC strategy done by an agency:

Do you want to stay on top on search engines because your products or services are of high quality and you want people to know them? After trying many ways to improve traffic on your site and raise the conversion rate on your own with no success, if you're thinking about  trying Pay Per Click ads and not sure how to go about it, the best thing to do is to leave this in the hands of an agency because they can help you to keep your site in top positions in most frequently used search engines by using
PPC advertising.
As you may know, Pay Per Click (PPC) is a method of digital marketing which allows your business to reach the top positions on search engines when the users search for keywords that fit best with you are offering and you pay whenever the users click on your ad.

As the picture shows, PPC ads can make your business more visible on the most popular search engines.
In order to have a good PPC strategy and to achieve the best results in terms of click/clients conversions the best idea is consulting with a PPC agency due to the following reasons:

1.- They spend the time you don't have.
Search engine marketing it's not as simple as it can seem and requires spending a lot of time on it. Everyone's the time of is precious, your business needs you. Keeping an eye on Adwords all the time, to get the best results, is a tough  job, which experts are better at. Monitoring and understanding ads on search engines insights isn't an easy task at it requires a lot of time, which is why having marketing outsource can guarantee your business will have quality content running.

2.- Getting information constantly. 
Apart from reporting the flow of your clicks on Adwords to you every so often, a worth agency is always available to give you information about your business's online marketing and your PPC's results. Furthermore, it is easier to follow the clicks, visits to your website and the clicks/clients conversion when the information is analyzed before and someone explains it to you clearly. At the same time, working strategically with a marketing agency will make it easier to know what you can do to improve your online business.

3.- Response capacity.
Outsourcing marketing allows you to react quickly to sudden changes that can occur in your business sector. The agency that handles it continuously monitores and notices any if for any reason your business sector experiences any issues and alongside your experience in the sector they can be vital in responding rapidly. Regarding PPC strategy, what people look for can change fast and competitors can launch several products competing with you, which is why a PPC agency will provide you with the necessary information to act and face the changes in your area.

4.- You are not alone.
Being visible for everybody on internet is fundamental for any business nowadays and it's better when you have someone to advise and help you reach your important goals. An agency running your internet marketing and combined with your knowledge of your business will yield better results. You know what you want, what your products are and where you want to go, so  together you will be more successful.

As you can see, outsourcing marketing by hiring an agency may give you a lot of advantages, which make running your business online easier. In today's world having a good online strategy in order to place your website on top of search engines is  fundamental, because it allows you to reach targets and get effective conversions in to real costumers. A PPC agency will do a perfect optimisation of your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's try it and invest your money in to your goals.

This article has been written by Juan Antonio Salvador copywriter for a Digital Marketing Agency in London. 

21 December, 2015

6 mistakes to avoid in E-Commerce in China

The E-commerce industry in China will be worth over 700 billion dollars by the end of 2015 with a staggering 243 million e-shoppers purchasing online. E-commerce is rapidly increasing in China with online customers not only seeking interesting deals, but also an excellent checkout process and a high quality service. With increasing competition from a number of different online platforms one mistake in the process can lead to consumers abandoning their online purchases.

It is thus very important to improve your website to provide a top quality shopping experience and market yourself effectively.


Not utilizing the power of social media


93% of online searches in China are done on search engines like Baidu and 68% of customers look for companies on social media before buying.

SEO is important to maximize your exposure on Baidu whilst a comprehensive marketing strategy on social media platforms is very important to increase the size of one’s customer base, encourage loyalty and generate brand awareness. Companies’ posts that are popular and trending on social media have a strong influence on consumers’ decisions with individuals wanting to keep abreast of the latest consumer trends. The Chinese increasingly turn to their social network online for recommendations and advice, your posts being shared amongst user’s networks can directly lead to more sales, especially if you seek to engage and communicate with customers. Customers also want answers on social media and use it for feedback quickly. Many e-commerce companies now have an option on their WeChat to submit a query, users can then receive a reply directly from an agent seeking to resolve an issue.

It goes without saying that a high level of Chinese is necessary for social networking here, Mandarin specialists ‘Tailor Made Chinese’ have emphasized the need to learn and understand the local nuances of the language and ensure you have local expertise on hand.

Not engaging in SEO for E-Commerce websites.

It’s very important to optimize websites for Chinese search engines like Baidu to increase its sales. If your website isn’t showing up when people search on a search engine, nobody will buy your products, it’s important to optimize your website on key search engines.
It’s important to make sure that the structure of your website is well done, and that the content is relevant. Key words are very important, you want to focus on increasing your profile when a certain series of keywords are entered on Baidu, generating a buzz about an e-commerce website with other articles referencing you is an effective way to increase your ranking.

Not adapting a website for mobile
Mcommerce is increasing rapidly in China with large numbers of consumers using the plethora of apps and mobile functions to buy online via their Smartphone’s. Mobile e-commerce represents 15 billion dollars globally and by 2017, this figure is estimated to more than double, to 31 billion dollars.

The websites aesthetic design and functionality is important and a necessity. You have to optimize your website for a smaller screen size and for a better user experience on the Smartphone. Statistics suggest that 78% of Chinese users think that the websites aesthetic image on a mobile has a huge impact on their buying decision. E-Commerce websites who are not optimized for mobile will surely lose potential clients.

Not retargeting your visitors

In China, e-commerce customers often don’t buy on their first visit. Companies have to improve by personalizing the offer for the consumer, make the offers as attractive as possible and emphasize the limited time scope products and prices are available for. It is also important to re-target visitors who have purchased before, the Chinese will re-use websites they trust and feel they have a relationship with. Send out regular newsletters, members offers and have a strong presence on social media to encourage repeat purchases.


Not leveraging the power of visuals

Visuals are very important for Ecommerce websites. The Chinese customer cannot physically experience the product online, thus providing high quality pictures and videos to give this sense of interacting with the product has become essential. A comScore study revealed that when a product has a presentation video, 64% of the visitors are more likely to buy, they also stay on the website for an average of two more minutes longer, thus increasing the likelihood of browsing other products.
 For most of e-commerce sites in China, providing a video for each product is impossible, but there are other solutions like a 360 degree view of the product that prove popular amongst consumers.

Product page design
The product page is a vital aspect it plays an important role in terms of the consumer’s buying decision. Well designed pages will improve the customers visit, and will give them important information, it’s key to explain why it’s better to buy your product and not competitors. Avoid simply copying and pasting the product’s description without including detailed information, customers appreciate sites to go the extra mile in terms of the description and the page must be clear and accessible.

Explore different online business models in China
There are a whole host of different approaches to e-commerce in China. The subscription model is gaining popularity currently. Websites such as the ‘French Cellar’ are delivering (in this case premium wines) on a monthly basis to customers who subscribe, the consumer subscribes and has the wine selected by Nicholas Rebut, a reputable French sommelier. This business model could be adapted for many other types of western product; it is exciting and spontaneous for the Chinese consumer who trusts a specialist to select products they are less familiar with.

Benji specializes in digital marketing, e-commerce and social networking in China. He has lived in Shanghai for 5 years and is passionate about finding digital solutions for western firms looking to enter the Chinese market. For more information see his website and blog here:

30 November, 2015

Teaching All Staff to Contribute to Solid SEO

Most businesses aren’t fluent in the “language of SEO and HTML” and, quite frankly, unless they’re in the Internet marketing industry, there’s no need for them to be. However, because driving traffic to your website is so critical, it is important that you—and your staff members—know some simple things that you should be doing on a regular basis to ensure that people are finding your site, learning about what you have to offer, and making positive and proactive purchase decisions.

Even if you’re outsourcing your website development and SEO work to a vendor, it’s still important that you understand the basics. Main Street ROI has organized some key SEO tips into four easy to remember categories: Research, Relevance, Reputation and Revenue. Let’s take a look at some of the top items in each category that can help your staff ensure that your efforts are serving you well.

The first step in effective SEO is understanding the word and phrases that your target audience is likely using when they’re searching for businesses like yours. SEO can be “scary” for some but it’s really a very basic, very intuitive process. Here’s what you need to do:
Brainstorm the words and phrases you think people are likely to be using
  •         Find out what the real search volume is for these words and phrases using a (free) tool like Google’s AdWords planner.
  •         Check out what your competition is up to by looking at their title tags, and keywords. You’ll find some great tips for doing that here.
  •          Organize your keywords into categories.
  •          Prioritize your keywords based on search volume and your own goals and objectives.
  •          Test your keywords with pay-per-click (PPC) to see if they work.

It’s not a difficult process but, yes, it does take time. It’s important that you set aside the time to think carefully about your audience, and your competition, as you determine which keywords are likely to perform best for you. Remember it’s about how they are likely to be searching for businesses like yours and not about the “buzzwords” that people on the inside tend to use.

Once you’ve identified the keywords that are likely to work best for you, the next step is using those keywords on your website. You’ll want to make sure that your keywords are used throughout your website in a variety of places: title tags, meta description, body copy, headers, your URL and images.

Keeping your content up-to-date and refreshing it regularly can definitely help with SEO. One relatively easy way to do this, while keeping content top-of-mind is by adding a blog to your website. WordPress is a great tool to use here; get into the habit of updating your blog at least once a month (once a week is best).

Finally, create a Google+ local profile, verify your listing and make sure to incorporate your keyword into Google+. 

Reputation in the world of online search is all about links—when other reputable Internet sites have links to your content that’s a signal that you have something of value to offer. The highest quality links come from trusted websites that have used “editorial discretion” in their selection of sites to link to. Try to get links from domains that are related to your business, that come from a wide range of other domains and that link to multiple places on your website—not just your homepage. Directories are a good starting point for attaining links. Submit your website to major national business directories, local directories and industry-specific directories.

Social media is a great way to get links back to your site. Consider which channels (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and others) make the most sense for you based on your target audience. Then develop a presence by creating an account, reaching out to potential followers and publishing content that is useful to that audience.

When it comes to effective online marketing, generating revenue is what it’s all about. Once you’ve taken steps to get ranked in Google so that people can easily find you online, you need to make sure that those clicks turn into customers. That requires a combination of developing compelling copy that results in some desired action and carefully evaluating what’s happening online so you can continually improve your results.

When writing content focus on these seven key factors:
1.       Attention-getting headlines
2.       Customer-focused copy (it’s about them, not about you)
3.       Unique selling proposition (what makes you different, and better?)
4.       Irresistible offers
5.       A clear call-to-action (what do they need to do to buy your product?)
6.       Social proof (testimonials and endorsements)
7.       Credibility indicators

Track results through tools like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Firefox RankChecker. Effective SEO is an ongoing process of continually trying new things, determining what works and making improvements on an ongoing basis. The beauty of online marketing is that it is so measurable. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be constantly discovering new ways to boost traffic, engagement and, ultimately, sales.

Finally, one important consideration: choose your Internet marketing vendors carefully. There are many out there; some are very good, some—unfortunately—are very bad. 

06 November, 2015

Managing Website SEO and User Experience

One generally comes through a common phrase when designing a website i.e. don’t focus on search engines while designing the website, instead the focus should be on delivering a great user experience. Very few people have a clear idea about the difference between the two. The general question that is raised is – can a good user experience as well as effective SEO strategy be implemented at the same time for the betterment of the website? Providing answer for it is difficult for any one as there is very thick line between both of these essential qualities a website must equipped with.
The answer for the question is – YES, but there are some restrictions which have to be taken care of. The website’s navigation should be proper so that users can easily navigate within the website and it becomes easy for them to locate what they are looking for. The most importantly, we should try that they keep coming back repeatedly. A website when provide more and more comfort to its users became their favourite as it ease their task of decision making.
Here I am sharing 4 Best ways to balance SEO and User Experience what we are applying with our CloudBooks  and getting positive response.
  1. Avoid Repetitive Use of Keywords
Using a keyword is important in order to increase the ranking of a website in the search results algorithm. But be careful, the Google search algorithm is tough enough to detect that the keywords are being stuffed or being used in a natural way. Google’s updates such as Panda and Penguin always have an eye on website quality and penalize websites that do not adhere to their guidelines and use irrelevant keywords in order to rank better.
The best alternative option can be to use it in title tags, ALT tags of the images, and defining URL related to the keyword being used. Having keywords 2-3 times in a natural way makes sense. This let Google assume that the content is focused on the keyword which is being stressed 2-3 times and thus helps to boost ranking for search terms related to that keyword.
  1. Updating Website at regular Interval
Changing a website from scratch at regular interval is not possible, but one can regularly publish new articles or update the existing ones so that the website keeps on indexing at regular interval in search engines. Initiating regular research work on what the audience is looking for and then catering their requirements through the website content can be a lot beneficial. Giving new information about the service or product provide a good reason for the users to keep coming back and checking the latest offerings and updates.
  1. Simplify Navigation
Users generally land on a website page to find solutions to their problems and get their requirements at ease. If they don’t find it, they can move to another website. Therefore, navigation becomes important in order to serve the audience in a proper way.  One should study and understand the requirements of the audience and then use that information to ease the navigation process. The title of the path should be clear so that users have a clear understanding about the page they are going to. Studies have shown that sometime highlighting or changing the font of navigation link helps in more purchase and increase in the conversion rate of the website.
  1. Incorporate Responsive Designing
Google and other search engines have realised the importance of having mobile friendly website and have considered it as a ranking factor in mobile and other devices search results. Website optimized for mobile now directly has the impact on search presence. Responsive designing have been the best solution for most of professional IT firms as it adapts itself on desktops, laptops tablets and phones. This also eases the way website adapts itself to certain changes in devices and provides the comfort of navigation on any of them.

There are several other ways by which one can keep a balance between user experience and SEO, the only thing one should focus is giving comfort to visitors so that they enjoy navigating the website and love to visit it in future. These 2 are very important features for any website and cannot be neglected at any cost. The only thing is it have to be incorporated in best possible way so as to yield good profitable result.

Author Bio : Monesh Shrivastava is content marketing manager at CloudBooks. He holds a Bachelor degree MBA in marketing from TMU, Moradabad. He loves to read & write about, SEO, Social Media, and Small business.

26 August, 2015

What are the Most in Demand Digital Marketing Skills?

In the era of start-ups and entrepreneurs, digital marketing is one core solution that every marketer needs for a better performance of their organization. If you are one of those associated with a start-up or in any organization and are in the line of digital marketing, then are a specific set of skills that can help you improve your stand in the world of digital marketing. Here we discuss what are the most in demand skills required for a digital marketer and some other information associated with it.

Who is a digital marketer? The one who has the ability to understand the nuances of the new web paradigms and how they interact. It is about knowing every digital channel and their operations and interactions. So if you had a myth, that digital marketing limits itself to social media, then you got to understand that as a person associated with digital marketing, you should have in-depth knowledge about a lot of different areas that compile to make one known as digital marketing.

So, what skills make you a better digital marketer? Here is a list of some of the most in demand skills in the field of digital marketing. 


Analysing web behavior is the first of the many tasks digital marketing has. Analytical marketers are supposed to leverage web behavior, device engagement, purchase history, and grow traffic and leads. Someone with a bent towards data analysis is considered as a hot commodity in this section.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing, an important part of digital marketing requires a digital marketer to have an understanding of different platforms and improve social strategies to add new networks. Staying on the edge help creating a trend that is a lot beneficial than following one.

Visualizing Data

It is a fact that the visuals are more shareable and increase traffic on the website. Digitals marketers are supposed to create interesting and unique visual content that drives more traffic to their website. The images that they create should excite people to share.


Content is and remains the king of digital marketing. So someone who can write interesting and engaging content can see a bright future in the field of digital marketing.

Technical Skills

The earlier phase of digital marketing may not define as technical skills as a must criteria for this field, but today with everyday changing technologies a knowledge about the technical side acts as an added advantage. Today two out of four new hires are expected to have technical knowledge.


Another most important part of digital marketing, SEO makes a prominent part of digital marketing. After social media, SEO is the most sought after skill here. According to a research by Moz andFractl SEO makes about 16% of the total job listings in digital marketing.  

Mobile Marketing

The increasing trend of mobile internet is forcing the organizations to focus more on mobile marketing. In fact, in 2015 the access through mobile has witnessed significant increase. This demands more expertise in the area of mobile marketing.

Today, organizations and businesses are looking for professionals who can help them stand out from others especially in this field. Hence if you are thinking of making a career in digital marketing you have to be sure that your resume flaunts each of these skill to the employer.

Job Titles You Can Look For

There are a number of job titles that you can look for when you looking for a job in the field of digital marketing. The most common job titles in this field are:

·         Digital Marketing Manager
·         Marketing Manager
·         SEO Specialist
·         Social Media Manager
·         SEO Manager
·         Content Strategist
·         Content Developer
·         Digital Marketing Analyst

The following graph shows the 20 most common job titles:

You could create jobalerts for these titles if you are planning to be a part of digital marketing industry.

Some More about Digital Marketing

There is one thing constant about digital marketing that is it changes all the time. Hence, keeping an update about every change is a prime responsibility of a person associated with digital marketing. Some of the latest trends in the field of digital marketing are:

·         Digital Marketing is not about sales
·         This year, have an increased focus on mobile
·         Have a social media strategy that is interactive and exciting
·         Increase use of visuals

These trends may be trending at the moment, but you cannot be certain what rules the internet in the coming six months. The future for sure is bright for the ones who have the skills and determination to work. Communication skills and a good personality adds on to the skills required to become a digital marketing person.

Author Bio
Akansha Arora is a professional writer and blogger who loves to pen down her views on a number of topics that interest a reader. She writes keeping in mind the current scenarios and wishes to keep her readers well informed. You can follow her on

06 May, 2015

Defining the World of Digital Marketing

What seemed like an adolescent idea some time back, today has a presence all over the marketing ideas. Digital marketing which did not seem to impress the traditional marketers at first, today has taken over the methods of print media, TV and radio advertisements. Digital marketing that seems to have taken over the entire internet today. The following article talks about digital marketing, its scope and what future it holds.

The internet reach in India when compared to the world, was not as wide sometime say a decade ago. But in this decade, things have remarkably changed for India. The medium of internet has become more reachable to the widest audience here in India. The social media websites have a chunk of Indian masses as their members and today social media advertising has taken a whole new turn.

With this rise in the digital marketing and rising e-commerce in the country, the job options for digital marketers is also on a rise. Today, the most famous job portals have job listings for people having knowledge about digital marketing.

So, what exactly is digital marketing and what is the scope and future of this?

Defining Digital Marketing

The simple definition of digital marketing says that it is the use of internet for publicity and marketing of a brand. It is meant for people who have hang for the internet and social media. It comprises of mainly four marketing strategies; search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), E-mail marketing and social media marketing.
Today, digital marketing is something that every entrepreneur must have every detail about and be updated with the same.  

The World of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is something that changes fast; really fast. There are a number of uncertainties that come with it. Earlier, digital marketing mainly was all about pay per click (PPC) but today, every marketer should be aware about every other thing that digital marketing comprises of. Here are six such things:
  • Digital Marketing is More than PPC Ads

A few years back digital marketing could be summed up with only PPC but today it is much more than just PPC. In fact, PPC has less of impact. There are a number of more methods and much more effective ones. So, before you put all your money to PPC thinking this is only digital, then put up your learning caps and know all about this field of marketing.
  • It can give you a powerful return on investment

But where do you invest? SEO does not cost money. No that is not true. Investing in the right and talented sources is something that every person involved in digital marketing should know about. The fact is that you may not have to invest on search terms, but if time and money is well spent, there is nothing that can give you better returns than digital marketing.
  • It’s all in the Content

The digital world of internet has nothing but content. It comprises of millions of articles, infographics, blogs, pictures, videos, journals, tweets and more and more of content. A very important fact to underline here is that digital marketing is also content marketing. To mark your presence in the digital landscape you have to be producing content.
  • SEO changes constantly

Google comes up with its algorithm updates every few months and the change is drastic enough to change the entire google search page sending the top to bottom in no time. Following exact algorithms may not be necessary, but it is mandatory to keep yourself updated about the latest happenings in the google.

This are a few things that every person willing to work as a digital marketer should know about. Today a lot of companies look to professionals who have expertise in this field.

How to become a Digital Marketing Professional?

In order to become a digital marketing expert you should have some skills that are most important to get into this field. The industry is growing with companies investing a good amount to its digital marketing budget. As the industry grows, the demand for professionals rise automatically. The basic requirements to get into this growing field are the skills to design a digital marketing strategy, knowledge of KPI’s and conversions, keeping with the basics of SEO and to understand the value of social media.

A fresher in the industry can earn get a job with a starting salary of 25K and an experienced professional can earn as much as 20 lakhs per annum.

To find a job in the field, be updated with job alerts that will keep you updated about various job listings for a digital marketing professional.

Author Bio: Akansha Arora is a professional writer and blogger who loves to pen down her views on a number of topics that interest a reader. She writes keeping in mind the current scenarios and wishes to keep her readers well informed. You can follow her on

21 February, 2015

Should you join Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing Training is being offered in our national capital Delhi and all over the country in full swing. Many leading organizations are offering comprehensive Digital Marketing course for the aspiring candidates to teach them every in and out of the industry.
The curriculum of the of the course includes all the channels of Digital Marketing like Website planning & creation, Google analytics, Search Engine Optimization, PPC advertising or Google adwords, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Ecommerce marketing, Mobile Marketing and Content Marketing etc.

However, the industry is in developing phase but, it is attracting business giants to promote their products and services and expand their reach to the audience. The objective of these organizations is to provide training and placements to more and more professionals to suffice the growing need of such professionals.

Noticing these activities in market and acknowledging the presence of emerging Digital Marketing Industry people are perplexed whether to join or not? Will they be able to lead a successful career or not? What is the right course to join? Where to join? How to get Job? And a lot more, here you find the answers of these questions. You are apt to join Digital Marketing Training in Delhi or all over India.

You are highly active on social networking

Internet is made the most of by social birds. There are people who love to update their status every now and then. They are very active on social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, g+, and love to explore more about these. If you are also one of them Digital Marketing industry is waiting for you.
You can’t stay away from web

There are people who cannot resist checking the notifications. They believe in the power of web and know that the internet connectivity will not let them forget the way; they will always be in touch of their acquaintances whether formal or informal, they will immediately detect any activity in surrounding etc. Without having connectivity with net they feel that they are deserted in the whole world. If you also feel so, you are perfect to join Digital Marketing Training. 

You fancy exploring new things on web
There are many people who fancy exploring new things on web. Their social media accounts are not just limited to Facebook they have accounts instagram, pinterest, stumbleupon, quora and foursquare etc. If you are also one of them, you should also join the industry.

You Google everything at first

There are people who know that web is full of information and therefore they make the best use of it. They Google everything at first instead of asking people and searching anywhere else, taking smart phone out and searching on web whenever they feel confused is an involuntary action for them. Those who have same things in their blood should join Digital Marketing Training Program. 
You have creative instincts

If you think you have creative instincts and the ability to think out of the box. You can definitely lead the industry as there is always the need of people who think different from others. Search engines are desperate to serve their audience what is new and interesting.      
Ambitious to earn more money

Web is always an open source for those who are ambitious to earn money. There are many people who want to earn money online however Digital Marketing is vast ocean of opportunities and sky is the limit for those who want to make the most of it. 
Ability to make the most of given sources

If you are really testing yourself for being perfect for the industry and you have this including all others mentioned above, you are apt to join the industry.

Finally, when you have tested yourself that you have all above mentioned qualities, you should join the Digital Marketing Training Program in Delhi or anywhere in the country as soon as possible.   

10 February, 2015

Website Planning Guide

Website planning can seem slightly daunting for companies or organizations. With most tribulations and boundaries we have to overcome, we always start with the question, “where do I start”? Don’t worry, whether you’re planning a small business site, or a large e-commerce site, this planning guide will act as your muse and light to guide you through the dark area of website planning.  You may be a new company setting up a website for the first time, or you may wish to revive your current website and develop it to reflect your company or organizations new interests. You want to firstly pin point the features that will appeal to your customers, and the functionality and impact design you’re after. Once you’ve got your ideas defined and moulded, you’ll be ready to release your website for all the world to marvel at.

When planning a new website, or revamping a worn out site, it is vital to define the objective of your site before proceeding. You may wish your site to primarily sell products to consumers or wholesalers, or perhaps you wish to develop and enhance the company image. Whatever the objective of your site, it is important to make sure you have a clear idea of that to help you on your way.

Tailoring to an audience
Every website has a different purpose therefor reaching out to unique individuals and groups of people. Can you define your audience? Perhaps you are providing business-to-business services and offering expertise to other professionals in a particular field. On the other hand you could be selling your products to the public, therefor you need to acknowledge the target age group, and gender to ensure your website is appealing to their needs. You want to make sure your website is appealing and relevant to your target consumer.

What makes you stand out?
In order to gain a true understanding of what makes you different, it is helpful to research similar sites. By observing similar organizations or businesses, you can gain a true understanding of your competitors. It also gives you something to compare to, which helps you gain a clearer understanding of what makes you unique. It also gives you a chance to approach your area with a competitive angle, helping you ensure your service is of a quality and uniqueness, offering your consumer something more desirable than the rest. By looking at similar sites providing similar services, you can be inspired by certain content and design elements, or you can gain a better understanding of what you don’t like!

Decide Site Functionality
When planning your website you will have a rough idea of what you want it to feature. If you’re selling wholesale goods, your consumer may wish to request a quote from you. This is a feature that will benefit your customer and your website as it will be a key functionality to your businesses goals.  It is important to have a general contact feature to any business or organization website so that the customer can contact you directly with any inquiries about your services or products. A very popular feature on websites today is the use of video, blogs or other social media integration. Content marketing is key to any successful organization. Your business may benefit by having special forms on the website which gather leads.


A truly successful website should not be considered as a one-time marketing expense. A website is not just for Christmas. To ensure your website remains current and popular, you need to keep in mind that you’ll want to update your site when you make changes and updates to your organization or business. You should integrate your website in your long-term business goals, and should keep it fresh and up to date to encourage new customers, and regular visitors.