19 July, 2013

Why You Should Learn About Black Hat SEO

Any SEO practitioner worth their salt knows that black hat tactics should be avoided. While such activities may boost your rankings in the short term, they will ultimately have a negative impact on your website, and it takes a lot of work to rectify the problems that will occur.

Rather than ignoring black hat SEO completely though, the best approach is to educate yourself in the area. Here’s why.

It gives you a broader understanding of how search works

SEO is a complicated field, and if you want to get it right, it’s wise to know about the potential pitfalls that you could hit along the way. It’s only through gathering as much knowledge as possible that you can do this. A good tactic here is to review your site whenever you learn about a new black hat process. Checking that you haven’t accidentally broken any rules will help to protect your site.

The rules are always changing

Some SEO practices that were commonplace in the past are now widely accepted as being black hat, so it’s important that you keep on top of any developments and tweak your campaigns accordingly. Not gathering new knowledge whenever you can means that you’re putting yourself at risk of falling foul of ethical guidelines.

It can help you to spot bad SEO practitioners

If you’re using the services of an SEO practitioner for your campaigns, it’s a good idea to be aware of how they’re developing your site and the sort of activities that they’re carrying out on behalf of your business. And perhaps more importantly, you need to know what they really shouldn’t be doing, as it can harm your business. Part of the reason for hiring a professional SEO company is that you can leave the tricky stuff to someone else. Whilst this is true, it’s always best to know sufficient about the field yourself, so you can choose the very best practitioners to work with.

Of course, now the main question is how you gather all the information that you need. Due to the fast paced nature of the field, the internet is your best resource here. Pinpoint around five of your favourite blogs and news sources, and make a point of checking them on a regular basis. Any more might be too overwhelming, so it isn’t a viable long-term option. This sort of dedication to ongoing learning is bound to have a positive impact on your skills, and ultimately, your search engine rankings.


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