31 December, 2012

SEO – 5 Upcoming trends

Given the upcoming global trends, it’s no surprise that each and every sphere has taken on a new look and form. Similarly, the world of marketing has had to adopt itself even further with the year 2012 coming to an end and the year 2013 setting in. SEO happens to be one such part of internet marketing world that isn't as simple as it used to be initially. It’s not child’s play and the scenario for search engine marketing is changing day by day. You need some real expertise and innovative strategies to actually achieve better rankings in the search world. Moreover, it does take time as well as patience to build up the right SEO.

The new trends in the world of SEO

The earlier days no longer exist and it’s a new phase in the world of SEO. Find out the latest trends that’ll help you update your search engine to ensure your website’s high ranking in the searches.

1. The mobile search device: It’s now about searching directly. The upcoming changes show that people are now keener on finding direct answers in the search options. This is also being done through different devices including voice search devices like your phone. People are also resorting to social media networks or simply tapping searches into the phone. Digital market isn’t restricted to the computer or tablet anymore. Take note of the fact that mobile search is here to stay and will figure as the biggest search medium.

2. Quality over quantity: It’s true that in the bygone days of search engine rankings, most search engines have at some point or the other made use of the quantity of the pages. In other words, this means that the quality of the website has been judged by the yardstick of quantity at some point of time or the other. However, the picture has changed of late. Now, it’s no longer about quantity, but more about quality. The quality and freshness of the content will generate higher search engine rankings.

3. The social media factor: It’s more about social media optimizers, rather than search engine optimization. There’s a much broader focus on the on-page factors. However, the picture is such now that it means the off-site marketing with the social media integration happens to be its focus.

4. More personalized searches: Most search engines are holding the keys to great social networks. Hence, there’s expected a lot of undercover changes in the search engine rankings. This’ll come about with a lot of personalized searches. Thus, relying on the old style of keyword usage and optimization won’t really help anymore. You’ve got to reinvent yourself with the changing times. Sitting back won’t help.

5. The domain authority: Remember, the trump card still remains the good old classic domain authority when it comes to SEO. Don’t forget that the link graph still remains the most reliable set of ranking signals.

Acquaint yourself with the upcoming SEO trends and ensure you website’s high rankings by developing your SEO techniques accordingly.


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