08 February, 2013

Top Ten SEO Tools of 2013

Sometimes a well-designed website that has the quality content is not just enough to divert traffic. What the website needs is a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool. A reliable SEO tool will go a long way in successfully diverting traffic to your website. Here’s a list of the top ten SEO tools of 2013.

1.       SEOmoz
SEOmoz is regarded as one of the best SEO suites by many of its users. This software has all that is required to maximize the SEO process. This suite has a lot of user-friendly helpful tools. This is one of the advantages of SEOmoz. What this tool lacks is a report template. As a user you will have to build one from scratch.

2.       HubSpot
If you wish to keep track of the minute SEO details about your business website then HubSpot is the tool that you need to use. This software helps you do almost everything that is related to SEO. This is one of the best tools for analyzing information about the quality and quantity of traffic that is generated to your business website to creating content for website. The keyword research capabilities of this tool are rather weak.

3.       Web CEO
This tool is widely being used because of its ability to suggest relevant keywords for the particular niche. This is an ideal tool that can be used by anyone who wishes to make their website SEO friendly. Depending on the niche of the website this tool provides a list of keywords that can possibly be used. Web CEO also provides traffic estimates.

4.       Raven Tools
If you are looking for an all-in-one SEO solution, Raven Tools is your one-stop solution. This tool gives its users the opportunity to manage keyword research, link building, social media and competitor analytics and report generation all in one place.

5.       SEO PowerSuite
This is one of the most reliable and powerful SEO keyword research tools that is available in the market. This software comes with different applications that perform specific functions. You can use features like Rank Tracker, Link Assistant and SEO Spyglass among others with this tool.

6.       SEMRush
This is one of the most widely used SEO tools to analyze pay-per-click advertising competition. However, competitive keyword research tool that comes with this software will catch your attention. SEMRush also has the ability to provide you with a detailed report of every single back link that you have created for your website.

7.       DIYSEO
DIYSEO is a Do It Yourself SEO. As its name suggests this tool is an action oriented SEO tool that can be used by almost anyone. If you have little or no knowledge about SEO, you will find this software more than just user-friendly. This tool presents its user with a set of results. You do not have to dig for results while using this software. Additionally, DIYSEO also provides recommendations that a user can adopt in order to improve website ranking.

8.       Traffic Travis
This is one of the best tools highly recommended for amateur webmasters. Traffic Travis provides its users with a good range of research tools to analyze keywords. If you are on the lookout for a tool that helps you carry out your SEO activities the hassle-free way, you can consider using Traffic Travis.

9.       Market Samurai
In a nutshell Market Samurai is a keyword oriented SEO tool. It does more than just finding keyword variations for your root keyword. This tool also…
  • ·         Gives you an idea about what keyword to use.
  • ·         Find the ranking for your keyword.
  • ·         Tells you where you can find the right content for your keyword.
  • ·         Educates you on how you can purchase the domain name for your keywords.
When you use this tool you will have to put up with stability issues that this software comes with. However, this tool is simply superb with keywords.

10.   Advance Web Ranking
The interface of Advance Web Ranking is clean and attractive at the same time. This tool offers great readability in form of its grid and colored lines that it uses to display data. This software also provides its users with the option to configure and customize layouts.
You can take advantage of any of the SEO tools that you are comfortable using.


  1. Nice list! I use SEO Moz, semrush and advance web ranking. They really work well for me! Thanks for sharing!

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