20 July, 2013

Top 10 Dictation Apps for Your iPhone

The good thing with new mobile devices today, like iPhones, is that you can use amazing applications with them that will make life very convenient for you. One particular area that can be made much easier is taking dictations and transcribing them into text. There will always be a need to take important notes to prevent forgetting vital information that is related to your job or assignment, whether at school or at work. Taking notes manually is difficult because there is a chance to miss important parts of the lecture or interview. Now, with the help of software applications for iPhones, you can use your device to record important audios, which gives you the option to transcribe them later on your own or with the help of dictation companies. If you are planning to download an application, you can choose from the following top ten dictation applications.

1. Dragon Dictation

This is a voice recognition application, which means that whatever you dictate will be automatically converted into a text format. With this application, sending email messages, text messages, posting a new blog to your site, or making Twitter updates can be as easy as speaking straight to your device. If a brilliant idea pops up on your mind, you no longer need to pick up a pen and a paper, just turn on this application on your device and watch your dictation transform into words in your notepad or to-do lists.

2. Vlingo

Having Vlingo in your device is like having a virtual assistant. It does not simply convert your voice into text format, but also follows commands. For instance, tell it to text a friend, send an important email, or even update your Facebook status, all with just the use of your voice.

3. PocketDictate

This voice recorder application not only allows you to record easily with its user-friendly controls, but it also lets you edit your recordings. You can overwrite or insert extra notes to recorded sound files. This app can also compress your files, so it would be easier for you to send large files through emails.

4. iRecorder Pro

iRecorder Pro also produces clear and crisps sounds to make sure that your recordings are of utmost quality. Even when your iPhone is on sleep mode, you can continue recording through this app. It also has a SmartSplit feature, which splits large files into multiple smaller files for easy sending through email.

5. QuickVoice2Text Email

This application produces quality sound, which makes it ideal for all purposes, like recording meetings, lectures, your dictations, or even your own music. It has a lot of bundled up features. For instance, you can use your recording as a ring tone for your phone's contacts and you can do lengthy recordings, as long as your device has the required memory. Its best feature is that you can email your recording and the recipient will receive both the sound file and its transcription.

6. Audio Memos

This voice recorder app can be used with your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Its intuitive interface can make any recording task simpler. One thing that sets this recorder above the rest is its sound quality. Your recordings will be heard loud and clear so you do not miss any vital word or phrase. It is very easy to use, has no set limit on the recording length, and with its iCloud feature, you can access your recording everywhere.

7. Recorder

Be it short interviews or hour-long lectures, this app will help you record everything. Aside from that, it can also record outgoing calls, which may be essential for you if you need your correspondences documented on file.

8. iTalk Recorder

This voice recorder app lets you choose between three levels of sound quality in which you want your audio recorded. Then, with the use of iTalk, you can directly email your recordings and you also have the option to share your files through iTunes.

9. Voice Answer

Here is another virtual assistant that can help you in many ways, from doing online searches, to sending emails, and even playing your favorite tune. Would you like to know the time in Malaysia now? Or learn more about historical figures? Just give the proper audio command and this app will do as you say.

10. Dictamus

Forget about waiting for your transcriptionist before you can start with your dictation. Dictamus lets you record your dictations straight on your iPhone in different kinds of audio formats. You can then send it to your transcriptionist through email, file sharing, or even in Dropbox.


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