14 March, 2013

Best Practices: Digital Marketing on Social Media

Marketing practices and techniques have come a long way since the advent of social media and is growing by leaps and bounds ever since.  Digital marketing is the sign of the times and marketing through electronic devices include advertisement and marketing techniques offered over the internet through devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, digital billboard advertising, etc.  Internet marketing is a major factor where digital marketing is concerned and this has resulted in increased investment in the recent past.

Marketing companies are well aware of these newly evolved techniques of advertising and selling their products. As digital marketing has taken on an enhanced prominence, there are certain factors to consider, that marketers will do well to follow. Appealing to a young and energetic class of buyers and social media users is ideally done through digital marketing for which the following points should be kept in mind.
  • Stand out in the crowd - Online marketing is augmented using social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  It makes the marketer stand out in the crowd of competitors which is the one aim of any marketing professional digital or otherwise.  Digital marketing, through social media needs proper branding, so that this particular business is ahead of competition and is at the top of the charts.  Consistency and top end show on social media, is the key to success.
  • Reliability and honest service - The second most important aspect of digital marketing is reliability.  Online customers are a wary lot and will tend to back off at the slightest hint of distrust.  Marketers resorting to this sort of digital marketing should study their customers, give them what they want and ensure delivery of products and services in the most efficient and trustworthy manner.
  • Entice and add suspense – Digital marketing works on the principal of attracting the customer right at the outset.  This is done with a wonderful array of products, attractive schemes and discounts and a certain element of suspense which will make the customer delve further to find out more and more.  Moreover, the focus should be on clarity, minimum confusion and getting straight to the point. Curiosity in products marketed through digital media will mean customers and prospective buyers will click through for added information.  Marketers resorting to this form of advertising will do well to ensure that this information is available easily at the click of a mouse so as to hold the buyer’s interest.
  • Integrate marketing with interaction – Marketing strategies through digital media works best when feedback, conversation and answers to questions are resorted to. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn all enable interaction with customers, encouraging their feedback and permitting them to ask questions with regard to the product.  These forms of feedback may be positive or negative and both work to the marketers advantage to enable better improvement of services rendered.
Digital marketing on social media means minimum cost involved in set up.  Marketing through social media is relatively cheaper than most other forms of marketing and advertising.  Cost effectiveness works to an advantage, leaving the marketer with added time and funds to concentrate of products and services, introduction of new and innovative schemes and extending discounts to customers.  All this will go a long way in steering traffic towards your business, making the business more credible and ensuring better branding of the business in the eyes of Facebook fans and Twitter followers.  Digital marketing on LinkedIn has its advantages as it permits association with like minded people, who share your same view, visions and aspirations for the future. 

Social media marketing is growing in importance with every passing day. Businesses will do well to implement this form of digital marketing with traditional marketing techniques so as to ensure optimum growth of the business.


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