29 October, 2013

Google Hummingbird, Content Authority, and How Atomic Reach Can Help

Algorithm from Google and Atomic Reach

How a person is going to know the content, is a quality one, and relevant to him or her? Scoring engine is that thing which helps to know such information about the content. Atomic Reach is a scoring engine that is used as a tool to perfect content. Few days back Google launched a new algorithm named Hummingbird. Now what is this new algorithm for? The Hummingbird algorithm provides result more contextually, and it is much better in result. But this algorithm is not a killer of search engine optimizer. Factors more than 200 make up this algorithm, which increases the focus of searching conversationally. But one such product also helps to bring in other type of necessity and here the name of that necessity is Atomic Reach. Information, data etc are words, which help in improving the web, and quality things than quantitative things when get the priority, Google’s Hummingbird is the one should come.

The Things which can be done with Atomic Reach

The scoring engine of Atomic Reach helps a publisher to get rid of difficulties of publishing blog or video or many more things. When a publisher uploads content through his or her Atomic Reach account, the algorithm scores the content by processing of natural language, so that the quality of the content can be understood. Topics, industries etc options help to connect content with perfect audience mind via this scoring engine. Every such content has a unique goal, and it can be achieved with a few controlling factors like social media reach, audience engagement, website performance etc. Atomic Reach measure such things efficiently all the time.

Conglomeration of these two

To get benefits from Hummingbird of Google, Atomic Reach could be a great help. Google usually look for authority articles and Atomic Reach helps to craft it for a person with statistics, facts, referral links etc. How the performance in a confined area is going can also be shown by it with information like improvement scope in that particular field of work. All such integration leads the person to a better content that is demanded by Google with Hummingbird algorithm for the social web. Beside all these, the person can find many content providers or clients or partners in a specified area with which he or she is working, and this helps to get a huge exposure for his or her content resources too. Again this Hummingbird algorithm works precisely and simultaneously very fast. The name Hummingbird is thus brought in for this algorithm. With this, Google may understand all sort of meanings one try to search like ‘where is the apple showroom near my house’ etc. Here, Google will try to get the meaning by concentrating each word rather than the whole sentence.

What could make Atomic Reach more helpful?

Coming to Atomic Reach, there are a few things to explore in future. First, written blogs are only things that are used in Atomic Reach where videos, podcasts scoring can be very helpful, in addition, with written blogs. Measure in dashboard cannot be done without signing in to the account and such things like that.


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