18 January, 2013

Has Your Internet Marketing Strategy Overlooked the Importance of Value?

If you've been practicing any type of internet marketing for any period of time, then you probably already know about the importance of quality. You need to deliver high quality in your content, in your web design, in your ad campaigns, and in your social media efforts.

With all of this focus on producing quality, however, have you stopped to ask yourself if you’re offering anything of value? It’s easy to think that quality and value go hand-in-hand, but this isn't necessarily true. For example, WebpageFXSEO could decide to offer a high-quality car detailing service to their list of services, but it’s not going to have much value for their clients, who are looking for superior web design.

Defining Value

Value is simple to define yet difficult to pinpoint. It’s almost an abstract concept and differs from one person to another. In simplest terms, value is something that fulfills a desire or need adequately enough that a person feels his or her investment of time or money was well spent. Since each person has his or her own idea of value, how do you provide it in your Internet marketing strategies?

Offering Value

First off, you need to realize that you’ll never be able to please every visitor that ever comes across your website. That said, you can think about your typical audience in relation to the niche you occupy and then come up with a list of items that may be useful – and valuable – to them. Some ideas include:
  • Produce informative, helpful content that either answers a question or solves a problem.
  • Offer free downloads of e-books, reports, newsletters, or videos that address a need.
  • Host webinars or question-and-answer sessions in which you can answer questions from your visitors
  • Include a resources page that gives links or contact information for other quality, relevant organizations or websites
Generally speaking, the more generous you are with your information, resources, time and expertise, the more value your audience will feel they get from visiting your site regularly.

Why Value is Critical to Your Success

No one likes to feel as though they've wasted their time or money on something that didn’t meet their needs. If you fail to deliver value, it’s almost a given that you’ll lose a potential conversion. What’s more important, however, is what that person may tell others.

Remember that the Internet works to spread information. Whether that information is positive or negative about your business or website makes no difference to the Internet. Don’t make yourself crazy trying to make everyone happy; instead, give your best efforts to provide value to the widest range of potential visitors possible.

Adrienne is a blogger and aspiring writer. When she’s not blogging about tech and social media, you might find her practicing her French, whipping up some recipes she found on Pinterest, or obsessing over vintage postcards and stamps.


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