21 February, 2013

Importance of PPT presentations and Infographics in Digital Marketing

What pleases your eyes pleases your mind. This concept is literally universal. Whether you talk about food, place, products or the digital market, the first sensation happens in your eyes before it impresses your mind.
As our world shifts online, so does our interest. Today, almost everything is sellable on internet. A good online marketing strategy is irremissible, but catering information with eye grabbing graphics and presentations add sugar to your cake. Our world today involves more and more data than ever before. This brings forth, the challenge of making this enormous sea of data pleasing and easy to understand to the readers or consumers. This is where infographics and eye-sticking presentations come in role.

What is an Infographic?

Infographics are perfect blend of knowledge, information and eye-catching design. These are visually compelling and a perfect mode to communicate voluminous data providing readers, ease of understanding. With the help of Infographics, you can take a pool of data and present it in visual shorthand. It is the best way to combine text with images and designs and make it interesting for readers.
What are Presentations?
PowerPoint presentations are another mode of visual representation of data. It offers slides, which can be used to narrate a story (about your product, brand or any sellable commodity). You can use varieties of graphics, charts, images, styles, videos and other tidbits to make your information more pleasing to readers.

Why is visual presentation of data necessary in Digital Marketing?
Attractive and Compelling
It is a fact that people prefer statistics and figures much more than a never-ending, time-consuming paragraph. In digital marketing, if your content is not attractive, your product will not reach people and to make your content attractive, Infographics and PPTs are key ingredients.

Easy to Scan and View
What will you prefer? A bulk of plain text or a cuddly graphic demonstrating what’s in that lengthy paragraph? Stating the obvious, no one have time to scan details out of a long pool of data. Therefore, it is best to use presentations and Infographics to demonstrate important information.

An eye-catching and easy-to-read content is more often shared on social networks
A content that has attractive graphics are shared more over social media websites. Therefore, Infographics and PPTs are important from business point of view.
Brand Awareness
Infographics and presentations with your company’s logo is a powerful mode to publicize your brand online.
Increase Traffic
An Infographic or presentation that is linked and is compelling to viewers is bound to drive traffic to your website as people like to click and share readable content to find what’s more in store.


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