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20 November, 2014

4 SEO Tactics to Avoid (and What to Try Instead)

When you're planning your site's SEO strategy, it's important to do some careful research. Best practices in the world of search engine optimization are constantly changing and evolving: Tactics that used to send a site soaring in the rankings may now get you penalized by Google. Let's take a look at a few SEO tactics that you should avoid at all costs.
1. Keyword Stuffing: Even though it's well-known that stuffing your content with keywords is a surefire way to lose your ranking, this practice can still be seen on many websites. Rather than focusing on keyword density, try to direct your efforts toward creating fresh, engaging content for your readers. Develop a set of related keywords and natural phrases that you can sprinkle into your content instead of relying on a specific long-tail keyword.

2.  Buying Backlinks: When you're building a backlink profile, bigger isn't always better. Resist the temptation to purchase a quantity of backlinks: This practice is likely to backfire and end up hurting your rankings. The SEO power of backlinks is derived from the validity and authority of the sites that contain the links, and cheaply-purchased backlinks usually come from sketchy sites. Link building should still be an important part of your SEO strategy, but you'll have better luck developing a smaller number of links from high-authority sites. Try reaching out to influential blogs and sites in your niche to ask for a backlink, or consider creating a guest post for one of these authoritative sites.

3.  Duplicate Content: Many websites make the common mistake of having the same content appear on more than one of their web pages. When search engines see duplicate content, they can't determine which copy of the content to index; in most cases, the content never shows up in search results. There's no way to bypass the hard work of writing original content for each and every page on your site, but the SEO benefits of unique content will justify the time and effort.

4.  Neglecting Mobile Site Design: The importance of a good mobile site can't be stressed enough. According to a study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, 61% of consumers who visit a mobile-unfriendly website are likely to head over to a competitor's' site instead. If that statistic doesn't motivate you to create a user-friendly mobile design, there's even a SEO benefit to have a strong mobile site: Google now takes the existence of a mobile version into account when determining the ranking of websites. There's no better time than today to develop a mobile design that will work on a variety of different devices.

As you can see, many SEO strategies that were effective in the early days of search engines are hopelessly outdated today. You need to adapt your strategy to meet the changing requirements of the current search engine landscape. If a method seems too good to be true, it probably is. By avoiding some of these gimmicky tactics, you can focus on a solid SEO strategy that will get your website the results it needs.

Aubrey Moulton is a writer for Freeguestpost and has over six years of blogging experience. She enjoys Netflix marathons and reading.

13 September, 2014

My 9 Wordpress Plugins for your Blog

Are you a setting up your blog with no real idea of what plugins you need for your blog?  As I have been building my website on Wordpress over the last 6 months, I have found several helpful Wordpress plugins that have been useful in maintaining my website security, managing my image sizes, helped with lead generation and overall functionality of my website. Here is my current must-have list of WP plugins for your blog.

1. Smush. It - Install this free plugin to your WP site and it will compress your images, saving file space and improving your websites performance.

2. 404 to start Install this free plugin if you want to design a custom 404 page (this is the website page that people get redirected to if they click on a dead page on your website). You can redirect all 404 page not found errors permanently (or temporarily) to the start page or any other site/page you like. You just create a new page and then link it to 404 to start in settings. I use this form an optimize it to get leads to my email list. This plugin is perfect for people who use OptimizePress as they does not currently have a template for 404 pages to customize. Click on the picture below to view my entire customized 404 page.


3. Webpage Test - Use this free tool to test your website speed. Just enter your web address and get your results.

4. Author bio box - This free plugin is great! It allows you to create a customized biography with links to your social media pages.


5. Keyword Tool IO - This keyword search tool gives you keywords that people are using to search for things on Google. Get 750 keyword suggestions to help you with content creation for your is one of the best keyword research tools available today

6. Click to tweet this free tool allows you to create tweetable text that can be placed within your blog post. This encourages people to click and tweet a useful fact or quote, thereby promoting your blog post to their followers. You can enter hashtags and a unique weblink to your blog post. See an example below.

7. Hello bar is a free opt in option that ads a compelling header opt in form that you can customize. You can use it for promoting your offer or directing people to like your social media pages. I use it to promote my opt in report.See my example below.

 Wordpress Plugins for your blog

 Click on the hello bar right now to grab my free list Building Ideas!

8. Use any font - this free plugin allows you to override your WP theme font and install a new font. This is an easy plugin to use. Just get your API key are enter your font name and you’re all set!


9. OptinMonster is the #1 lead generation and email list building tool. You to create lightbox popups, floating footer bars, slide-ins, and other highly effective optin forms. OptinMonster also comes with built-in A/B testing functionality, robust analytics, and powerful exit-intent technology. This is a plugin you must pay for but by far the best for lead generation.


Share with me below what some of your favorite Wordpress Plugins are for your blog.

Written by Jolynn Oblak

27 August, 2014

Schooling must adapt to the changing contours of information technology and connectivity - Robotics

Schooling must adapt to the changing contours of information technology and connectivity. STEM education especially in computer programming and robotics is becomingly increasingly important day by day in all walks of the economy. Most of the low skill, routine, assembly line jobs are being routed to automated performers. Human intelligence is increasingly being put to implementing non routine tasks, flooded with new information, intelligent, autonomous and highly adaptive technology. Schools, therefore, must shape up the foundational skills of students, including independent, critical and creative thinking, curating and implementing new ideas. These skills shall prove to be integral to future job markets and to employees in order for them to be progressive and efficient. 

Left unexposed at early stages of education, most middle school students experience a mental handicap in science and technology. Such students then begin drawing away from the fields of computer and information science, engineering, and the physical sciences. The inculcation of mathematical, analytical and logical aptitude in students suffers as they are unexposed to the strategic problem solving and organisational training in STEM. No wonder the domain of information and technology has constantly employed toppers, nerds and geeks.  In a future job market constantly vetted with data and technology“ science and technology is increasingly coming out of the black boxes of 'nerds'. Technological infiltration will become deeper and broader in all domains of life including and most importantly, education and workplace. No vocation can then choose to ignore technological and professional productivity brought in by the information technology systems. Robotics education would therefore go a long way in creating productive workers, capable of being effective decision makers and strategic problem solvers, irrespective of their fields.

Majorly all the students these days are pro at basic computer skills and internet operations, long before they even join elementary school.  Ironically, sometimes even in high schools, students lack even the most basic knowledge of coding. The essence of coding is that it enables students to recognise the actual working of a computer, the real execution of programs and communication. Programming languages allow students to effectively  communicate with the computer, exposing its actual working mechanism, providing a deep seated knowledge of information systems and artificial intelligence. Most students and parents feel that introduction to computer programming and computer science is a course relevant only for college students. This is a MISTAKE. Students in fact must be exposed to programming at a very early age. Programming enhances and feeds on the analytical and logical abilities of children.

Contemporary curriculum focusses on integrated learning of Math, Science, and Technology. Mathematical skills remain absolutely important to programming of robots. Students are required to implement decisions regarding the actions of the robot which requires skills of calculation, geometry, optimisation and measurement. While students directly engage in computer programming, robotics can expose students to ideas of spatial concepts and geometry. The principles of physics, as well as electrical and mechanical engineering can also be delivered in a hands on manner as students understand about electronics, motors, sensors and actuators. Robotics also represents a great pedagogical tool for learning and application allowing students to hone skills such as problem - solving, strategic analysis, cooperation and develops their high order thinking faculties. Robotics exposes students to the domains of mechanics, electrical circuits, and applied mathematical reasoning, all of which are otherwise perceived to be bland and inanimate by students.

Most schools worldwide have started embracing digitisation of education however the implementation remains greatly superficial. Students however now need to switch roles from being passive consumers of modern technology to active creators and designers of modern information technology systems. Various tools are available that allow students from K-12 to learn computer pogromming skills. Scratch is a free tool designed by MIT media labs for children 6 years and above and allows them to learn and create various gaming and animation projects which they later share with other community members. ALICE is a free and open source 3D programming tool which teaches essentials of animation and storytelling to kids. Lego pioneered with Lego Mindstorm which is essentially a robotics kit containing sensors, motors, programming language guidance for kids and adults.

Most effectively, robotics can be taught as a part science or technology curriculum, however various cross curriculum paths are also viable. Educators worldwide have designed robotics curriculum as a mix of theoretical and practical exercises. It includes building complex robots, solving problems, optimisation attributes, multiple programming and testing activities, animation and gaming activities, as well as informal activities such as robotics clubs, robotics tournaments, various inter school robotics training and participation programs. Students are not merely supposed to design, build, and program robots for fun filled activities but they also develop research solutions to real world problems. Working with robots engages students actively in direct learning and creative problem solving techniques. Students are encouraged to take independent initiatives after careful planning and optimisation. Students create flow charts, plan their steps in detail, understanding the action and reaction fundamentals. group based activities and robotics tournaments and Lego leagues also enhances cooperation, leadership, sharing, team management, communication skills and various other life skill attributes. Robotics is a perfect way to inculcate fun in an otherwise complex and scary subject of science and technology.

Schools and education societies worldwide need to invest in robotic education resources, including training for teachers who must be made comfortable in embracing digital classroom techniques and incorporating the learning and understanding of these in their curricula. 

18 July, 2014

Topics to Absolutely Avoid on Your Blog

Running out of topics and subject for your blog can be terrifying, especially if you’re facing a time crunch. When this happens you may think turning to a last resort is a good idea. Perhaps you’ll go for something controversial, for example, to shake things up and get people talking?

While some controversy can be ok if you plan it out carefully, most of the time it ends up being very negative. So for 99% of the time you operate your blog, it’s best to avoid the following subjects. While there could be merit to a blog post about these topics, there’s little plus to taking the chance.


You likely feel strongly about certain things in your personal life. You don’t like this particular facet of government, or you think a political candidate would be great for so and so office. When you get into your business, though, it’s best to leave all this out.

Think you have an idea how your customers lean? You’re going to find out quickly when you write a blog post about recent government moves or political battles. One of the best lessons you can learn as a PR pro is you can never totally predict how people will react to anything. Just when you believe you have your audience pegged you’ll be surprised.

This is especially true for anything divisive like politics. Not only could you chase away customers who lean the other way, you could annoy some who are tired of seeing political rants.


Religion is another hot-bed of problems just waiting to nip you in the heels, but not for the reason you think. Sure, it’s another divisive area with some feeling strongly about their religion and others feeling the same about a totally different one, and still others tired of hearing about it online.

But something else could come back to bite you: your branding efforts. I would argue that bringing religion into your branding (unless that’s already part of it) could get you off track even more than politics. It’s such a personal matter that has such little to do with business 99% of the time that it’s almost like breaking the fourth wall in a play.

On top of that, you risk rebranding yourself. For example, if your taxi cab blog business blogs about the Mormon Church, you’ll be known as “the Mormon taxi cab service.” Whether or not that’s accurate or fair is irrelevant – it’s just how people will see you from now on. It’s not really worth the confusion and headache.

Dirty Laundry

I’ve seen one blog that actually does this and uses their “ugh, life stinks and people are idiots” attitude towards their branding. And it works, quite well. However, I’m still going to say you should not air grievances, especially if it deals with the company at large.

Nobody wants to hear about your dirty laundry. Feel free to yell at each other over personal IM, text, or in the office. As soon as anyone thinks it’s ok to move it to the public space – like in a blog titled “10 Reasons to Not Take Someone’s Soda Out of the Fridge” – you’ve gone too far.

I don’t care how “casual” you see your business and brand; it’s just an awful road to head down. Keep it at least partially professional and try not to mix your personal and business worlds like that.

What are some other topics you should avoid on your blog?
By Mickie Kennedy, founder of eReleases and author of PR Fuel

16 July, 2014

Learning apps of the week

At present kids are highly equipped with the knowledge of latest gadgets and apps. Even your toddler knows how to tap the touch screen and start an app out of your tablet. Your children will probably learn sooner rather than later about all the entertainment options technology can bring to their lives. So it’s better to teach them from an early age that gadgets can be useful learning tools as well. Here are some selected educational and learning apps of the week that you can try using with your toddler or elementary school-aged child in order to teach them more about language, math, science, music and more. 

Preschool and Kindergarten learning kids games for girls and boys

This app is perfect to start with your preschool kid as it has all what a child needs to learn with fun and joy. This app goes beyond with simply great colorful graphics and music by engaging your child to learn preschool basics trough exciting game play. This app is all FREE and available at App Store, just download it and make your child learn the preschool basics with this colorful and unique way.

Preschool EduKidsRoom - Free7

This app has 16 different educational games which teach your kid about Time, Matching, Sorting, Organizing, Shape recognition, Puzzles, Colors, Number, Letters and so much more. Kids can learn with the help of adorable animated 3D characters, which guide them for every learning process. Just go for this colorful and fun-to-learn app. Download it (FREE!) from App Store.

iTooch Elementary School

This elementary school free app is another wonderfully designed app for kids to learn with fun through games. So far it’s the largest collection of educational activities based on US National Common Core Standards on the App Store. It includes different activities on Maths, Language, Arts, Science and Health. This app can be downloaded from App Store as well as Play Store for your smart phones and tablets. 

King of Maths

King of Maths, is a highly-paced game, with different sorts of mathematical problems according to the age group of kids. The free version includes Addition, Subtraction and Mixed problems, but full game can be bought as a one-time in-app purchase and includes Multiplication, Division, Arithmetic, Geometry and other high level mathematical problems. This app is best suitable for kids of grade 5 and above. It’s all FREE, and easily available at App Store and Play Store.

Amazing Time

Amazing time is a wonderful app to make your kid learn about time. It teaches kids the concept of Second, Minute, Quarter, Hour, Day, Week, Month, Year, PM and AM. Kids can set the time in analogue as well as digital mode. They can play clock puzzles, matching digital time with analogue and sort the clock by time sequence. This one app (freely available at App Store) got whole different ways to make your kid learn about Time within days. 

Learn with Homer

This beautifully designed app can give your child a complete way to speak, read and write English. It supports kids with a variety of skills like Letter Sound Recognition, Spelling, Vocabulary, Comprehension etc. Just 10 minutes a day and you’ll see your kid more confident in all the required skills within days. It’s easily available at App Store. Give it a start to make your child a better learner. 

Seasons and Weather!

This awesome app will help your child learn to identify various weather situations in different seasons and will teach him/her all about weather suitable clothing and different activities. This freely available app (at App Store) will get your child ready for school with these fun science-learning and educational games and make them feel self-assured to learn the new concepts in school.

14 July, 2014

How a Well-Optimized And SEO-Friendly Web Design Benefits Your Business

A good ranking in SERP or search engine result pages is needed for the success of your business. Each and every leading brand implements ethical SEO techniques to ensure higher rankings in the SERP’s. This shows everything including content, web design, and optimization tactics help improving the rankings in SERP. Here, we will discuss how optimized web pages go the extra mile in helping your online business take colossal shape.

Driving Maximum Visitors To Your Site

Driving maximum number of targeted traffic is not so easy, especially when the internet is flooded with close competitors, promoting similar products or services at cutthroat rates. Although, many SEO service provider vows to deliver the best possible results in the quickest possible time, but not all stick to their words. In order to drive maximum traffic, you need to have the right optimization techniques and implement right SEO tools. With the use of right tools and ethical SEO techniques, one gets ample chances of increasing traffic at good pace. This will help your site in gaining increased traffic as well as conversions.
Develops Brand credibility

Mind you the search results that come up on the Google’s first page and those appearing within the first 4-5 results are taken into consideration mostly by the online visitors. When your company business or website gets displayed on the first page, it means that you have good repute and you sell good deal of products and services that customers mostly need. Getting Front Page means a lot! So, this can be said that an improved ranking enhances the credibility and brand awareness of the business. 

Helps Growing your Business

If you are aware of the optimization techniques and technicalities, SEO can provide you multiple benefits. Concise and comprehensive web content with relevant keywords can ensure robust interaction with your target audience. When your products or services get promoted through article, blog, videos, web copy or info graphics, you get the chance to reach out to maximum number of audience in the most successful manner. With multiple benefits an optimized site helps growing your business.

Consistent Results

Frankly speaking, if you opt for GFP organic SEO, you may not see the results overnight, but you can see an improvement in your site’s ranking gradually. So, to be precise you can see more consistent and permanent results than the paid advertisements.

So, in nutshell, this can be said that SEO helps in ensuring better rankings, improved conversions and driving maximum revenues and clients. To know more please visit:

25 June, 2014

GoPro or the Camera of the future

The Camera's industry revolution keeps on growing. After famous brands such as Canon, Lumix, Nikon, Olympus and even Samsung, the market recently welcomed the GoPro HD HERO : the camera which best fit your needs anywhere at any time.

Invented by Nick Woodman in 2001 and designed by Woodman Labs since 2005 in California, GoPro HD HERO is known as nowadays most versatile Camera.

Such as SEO companies in LondonIt suits each ones needs either you have a great passion for photography or not. It offers the possibility to capture the best moments of your life or make a video and allows to enjoy your favourite moments thanks to one of the best quality of image the market offers.

Those who can really find an interested on this product are extreme sports practisers. Indeed, they can take it anywhere, from the top of a mountain to when hiking, to the snow when skiing and even in the deep water of an ocean when surfing on huge waves. The only thing to do is to attach it on a part of your body according to what you expect to film; turn it on and start enjoying. 

Nowadays, the range counts four different cameras :
  • GoPro HD Hero which was the first one to be commercialised and which is compatible with the HD Hero 2.
  • GoPro HD Hero 2 which is similar to the first one but makes its difference thanks to its capability to accept SD Cards up to 32 Go bits.
  • GoPro HD Hero 3 which offers much more opportunities than the previous ones. It also allows up to 64 Go of storage, has Wi-Fi integrated, can be controlled with a remote, is 25% smaller and 30% lighter.
  • GoPro HD Hero 3+ which also has a Wi-Fi integrated but its main particularity lies on the fact it offers better sounds thanks to its capacity to reduce noises caused by the wind.

When reading this you may ask yourself (or not) why you have never really heard about this fabulous camera? This was my question when I discovered its existence.

Indeed, it is quiet complicated to know about these products when on TV we have all these adverts promoting new cameras, the quality of image that they offer, their new skills and so on. But for the GoPro, the communication campaign works differently.

It is often said that the best way to convince someone that your product is good, is not to talk too much about it but to show what your product can do and this is the strategy the company chose to put in place. The brand does not talk a lot about the product, it shows what its little cameras can do and how they can fulfil needs and expectations.

Pictures talk for the camera and so does the huge word of mouth which is spread around the products. I got to know this product thanks to a friend, who knew it thanks to another friend and now I am sharing my discovery with you so just imagine the impact that each of us has on the development of this brand.

According to the recent development of the brand, we can say the company will keep on improving the quality of its products in order to always offer the best.

The cameras are really easy to use, press on the start button to capture images or make a small video, view your pictures and even impress your friends and family during holidays, parties and why not during your lunch break at work. 

And for those who love doing everything with their smartphones, it is possible to control your GoPro thanks to an App. All you need is your GoPro, your Smartphone and your Computer to view your pictures or videos. 

30 May, 2014

Hiring A Local Online Marketing Agency For Your Business

Businesses have another avenue to explore these days – the internet. Most have gone “mainstream”, putting up their stores online and marketing their brand the same way. In advertising, online marketing is a new concept – one that has only been around for the past five years so there are really no set ground rules and knowledge on what really works. For the most part, it is trial and error.

You would still need to hire an onlinemarketing agency for your business though. The clear advantage to advertising on the web is its wide reach and scope, not to mention it is more economical. Its advantage can be its biggest advantage too, because what you advertise in the world wide web need to reach that target audience or else it wouldn’t even be an effective marketing idea. This is where an internet marketing agency can help.

A digital marketing agency is the only company that specializes in online marketing campaigns. And a conventional or traditional marketing agency is skilled in producing various marketing campaigns in the media – TV, radio, print ads. They are two very different companies and provide completely different services to their clients.

Experts recommend hiring a local agency instead of going to bigwigs right away. Here are their reasons:

Big internet marketing agencies are expensive.

If you are starting a small business, startups can be expensive and budgets will usually be constrained. Advertising costs need to be limited. And big marketing agencies, like those in traditional media firms, are very expensive.

One of the benefits of choosing a small local marketing firm over one of the mega agencies is that the local firms have far less overhead and staff and can offer more competitive pricing.

Local internet marketing agencies understand your market.

If your small business has a local target audience, having a firm in your area manage your online marketing program is a wise decision because they know the market. They understand local consumers and what appeals to them because they themselves are local consumers in your market!

You also do not have to give them as much background or detail as possible since they already know the market. They can even give you tips on how to manage your advertising strategies and cut down on expenses.

Hiring local agencies mean that you are also helping your economy flourish. So when you hire local, you're re-investing in your local economy by keeping those marketing dollars right in your own back yard.

19 May, 2014

Travel Apps to Help You Save Time, Money and Effort

Holidays are always meant for traveling. If you are planning to spend your holiday somewhere away from home, travel apps should be part of your baggage list. Your iPhone is actually more than a communicative device, it can handle all the needed arrangements and help you search for accommodations, recommendations on good eats and best travel deals. Without further ado, here are some great choices of travel apps for your iPhone: 

1. Hotel Tonight 

Hotel Tonight is a free app which provides discount deals on hotels in San Francisco. Should you spend some time in this lovely city, this app allows you to view hotels that fit your budget. Getting half-price for a five star hotel is such a reward. If you are up for great deals, you should be willing to wait up to the last minute in order to book a room. The only drawback to this app is that deals last for just a few days and their availability usually takes place during noon time. 

2. TripAdvisor 

TripAdvisor is a free app that provides you with shopping spots, hotel booking options and nearby utilities. By using this app, you can view photos and videos of places you are to visit on your vacation. Also, you get to read reviews from travelers who have gone to such particular place. This will give you an idea on what to expect and what your destination looks like. This app comes with a location feature that enables you to locate nearby attractions, entertainment spots and various restaurants. The TripAdvisor app lets you save time and effort as you don’t have to do the legwork finding what you need. 

3. Foodspotting 

Foodspotting is an app that speaks for its name. It is a restaurant guide which provides you with the best eateries and restaurants within you area. If you are craving for something special such as authentic Chinese cuisine or hot Mexican food, the app will give you the best restaurants for these types of food. You also get to view their menu and corresponding prices so that you can allocate a good budget for meals. Food lovers will surely enjoy this free app. 

4. Flight Tracker 

Flight Tracker is a free app that enables you to access departure and arrival details for flights heading to various destinations in the world using major airlines. It includes an airport map which helps you locate the right exit and entry zones. This saves you time especially in a gigantic airport where you have a few minutes left before flight. An added feature is information about the weather conditions of your destination. Flight tracker also gives you access to view which seats are still available in the plane, should you wish to transfer to a window seat. 

5. Travelzoo 

Travelzoo is a free app that will interest you with great vacation deals at any season of the year. If you love taking vacations, this app is great for you. Travelzoo is operated by a team of ‘Deal Experts’ who are tasked to share the best travel deals such as all-inclusive trips, early-bird promos and exotic getaways. Apart from great vacation packages, you also get to view deals on hotel rooms and discount tickets for entertainment events. Travelzoo is a helpful app for those who want to travel and at the same time save on their expenses. 

Explore every corner of the world with these travel apps installed on your iPhone. Having all these readily available, getting lost is no excuse. Choose the apps that could answer to your needs and visit the App Store on iTunes. Travel apps truly make a vacation stress-free. 

16 May, 2014

Top 5 iPhone Apps for 2014 - Part III

Since the first iPhone release almost 7 years ago our concept of what a phone can do has been continuously pushed to the limit. The days of paying for each text message, playing cell phone snake and swapping phone faceplates is long gone! iPhone apps are the new craze and have changed our daily lives! Don’t believe me? When is the last time you actually headed into a bank to deposit a check? If you still do, then stop it! There’s an app for that now. With hundreds of new apps being added to the App Store each month it may be difficult to know which ones are worth your while. Check out our list of the top 5 iPhone apps for 2014!

Now you may not be a newbie to the media messaging Snapchat app but there have been some exciting updates to the app’s features in 2014. For beginners, Snapchat is used to send pictures or short videos, known as Snaps. Once you send it to a friend list the message will self-destruct after a set time. Talk about living in the moment! Turn up the entertainment value of your snaps with text or colorful drawings. In 2014, Snapchat added a chat feature allowing you to instant message your friends, without changing applications. Send funny faces or tell a dirty joke with Snapchat in 2014!

Cook With M&S
Dinner time is fast approaching and you’re all out of ideas for the night’s meal. You have 2 choices: boil water for another night of Ramen Noodles or download Marks & Spencer’s latest cooking app for meal inspiration and support you’ve only dreamt of. Cook With M&S is the only food app you’ll ever need with the capability of creating shopping lists, search for new recipes, clear step-by-step cooking instructions and even built in timers to keep everything on schedule. It’s like having your own sous chef in your home, except you still need to chop the onions!

Gone are the days of standing in a taxi pickup line for hours and then cramming 5 friends in the back of a smelly yellow cab. Uber is a real-time ridesharing app service where you can arrange a one-time trip from your cell phone. Private Uber drivers can be scheduled in more than 100 cities and 30 countries around the globe. Choose from the low cost uberX cars that can seat up to 4, UberBLACK featuring luxury vehicles like the Lincoln Town Car, Mercedes and Cadillac’s or the UberSUV service that can fit more friends into Chevy Suburbans, Escalates or GMC Yukons. Change the way you move in 2014 with Uber!

Do you need a little help when it comes to budgeting expenses? Join the already 10 million active users relying on the Mint apps’ personal cash and credit account summary, free purchase categorization and bill alerts. Mint even provides charts and graphs helpful to track your spending habits, income and net worth. Love data? Compare these figures month-to-month or year-to-year. Reach your personal finance goals and avoid missed bills and overdrafts with iPhone’s Mint app.


Prove once-and-for-all your mind is superior than your friends’ with the QuizUp app. This timed trivia game pits you and your opponent in a 1-on-1 battle of over 250 trivia topics. After 6 multiple choice questions and a bonus question the winner will determined on points based on number of correct answers and speed. This fast paced mobile game, most games take under a minute, is 100% free and is an entertaining way to pass the time or to resolve a friendly disagreement. Learn something new and earn bragging rights with QuizUp.