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13 March, 2015

A Guidebook to Small Business Success

Growing a small business takes time. You can’t expect to jump right in and start making millions of dollars (despite what you may have heard on late-night television). It takes a sustainable, comprehensive marketing approach to build your leads, your sales, and ultimately your bottom line. 

Many of the successful businesses you see (especially the larger ones) have a highly specialized marketing staff running their daily operations. Most small business owners can’t afford such a staff. They are on their own. 

But with the right focus, you can become that specialized marketing department. 

23 February, 2015

How software technology helps businesses to accomplish superior performance?

Technological innovations have always aided businesses for good, whether it is typing a simple business letter or handling a very complex operation. Initially, the companies didn’t use highly specialized software programs for their operations, and only relied on some of the general software programs such as word processing software, spreadsheet software, and database software programs. But lately, businesses have extended the use of some highly advanced software programs as well. Tasks like recording attendance of the employees and maintaining financial records are not performed manually, but are executed through highly advanced software programs. Let us have a look at some of the popular software applications used in the business corporations today.

Human resource management software applications:

Probably, the most important factor which contributes towards the progress of the business enterprise is the human resource in the business. So it can be asserted that it is extremely important for the business corporation to hire qualified, trained, motivated, and committed-to-the-job employees. To serve the said purpose, software companies have developed such software programs which greatly help the human resource department of the business corporation. Such a software program helps in recruiting well trained employees for the business, as such a software provides the HR manager with a platform where he may post new jobs, receive CVs, short list the candidates, and also communicate the interview details to the shortlisted candidates. With a human resource management software, the employees can also post their leave applications and mark their attendance records. Moreover, such a software also allows the employees to work on a single project from various remote locations. 

In addition to that, such a software also acts as an information database, as all the information regarding the human resource department is contained in this software. In this way, such a software greatly reduces the hard paper in the business. However, a human resource management software may not be suitable for all types of businesses, but only for the large corporations, which require to invest a large amount of money in their Human Resource Department.

Accounting software programs:

Gone are the days when the accounting clerks used to prepare manual records, from the initial journal entry to the final accounts, as businesses use accounting software applications, which let them prepare and maintain all the accounting records in a single platform. Not just the large scale business, but the small scale businesses are also using the accounting software programs in their business enterprises, as such type of software programs introduces automation in the accounting department of the business.

Field service management software programs:

The other type of software programs which has greatly helped the business corporations is the field service management software programs. It is a specialized software, which can only be used in such businesses which deal in services that are provided to the customers at their doorsteps, such as the businesses providing electric wiring, plumbing, AC repair, and Internet services. Services business, in general, is more difficult to handle as compared to the merchandise business, as in the services businesses, the success of the business totally depends on the satisfaction of the customer being served, and the importance of customer service increases greatly when it comes to field service businesses. 

Employee monitoring software programs: 

In today’s business environment, the most important addition a business should make to its software family is an employee monitoring software program. I am saying this, because recently, several top insurance companies have introduced a new type of insurance plan, named as Fidelity insurance, which grants the insurance amount to the business owner, in case any of the employees of the business commits a major fraud in the business. Considering this situation, the experts have developed such software programs, which monitor the employees 24/7 through their smartphones. Let’s discover the working and some of the features of such a software.

Firstly, the business owner needs to provide his employee with a smartphone, with a software for employee monitoring installed on it. This is done in order to ensure compliance with the legalities involved, as the privacy laws prevailing in most of the countries state that one can only monitor a phone owned by him. The software will collect all the information from the employee’s smartphone, and save it on the service provider’s secured server, from where the manager or the business owner can retrieve all the data using a secure login ID and password.

Employee monitoring software programs available in the market are compatible with all the famous operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. With such a software, the business administrators can monitor the incoming and outgoing phone calls of the targeted smartphone, listen to the calls, record the calls, and even save the recorded clip over the internet. The software not only also lets the administrators to read the text messages of the targeted smartphone, but also monitor the communication made over the social media platforms.

With such a software, the business manager can also locate the position of the employee through the GPS mechanism. Not only this, but it also lets the business administrator monitor the communication made by the employee through e-mail. Employee monitoring software programs also let you check the calendar entries, appointments’ list, and more importantly, the contacts database of the targeted cell phone. One think should keep in mind according to the legality issue of employee. Moreover the admin of the software may also inspect the photos and videos present in the targeted cell phone. Some of the highly advanced employee monitoring software programs also include the feature to control the camera of the targeted cell phone, while most of the service providers do provide employee monitoring apps for Tablet PCs and iPads as well.

This clearly describes that with an employee monitoring software, the manager can monitor all the communication made by the employee, and hence come to know if any of the employees has close ties with any of the rivals of the business enterprise.

Concluding the argument, we can assert that software technology has greatly helped the business enterprises, which help them achieve superior performance. As all types of software programs may not be suitable for a business, so before choosing a software for any of its departments, a business enterprise needs to keep in mind the nature of business, needs of the enterprise, and the budget available with them.   

21 February, 2015

Should you join Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing Training is being offered in our national capital Delhi and all over the country in full swing. Many leading organizations are offering comprehensive Digital Marketing course for the aspiring candidates to teach them every in and out of the industry.
The curriculum of the of the course includes all the channels of Digital Marketing like Website planning & creation, Google analytics, Search Engine Optimization, PPC advertising or Google adwords, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Ecommerce marketing, Mobile Marketing and Content Marketing etc.

However, the industry is in developing phase but, it is attracting business giants to promote their products and services and expand their reach to the audience. The objective of these organizations is to provide training and placements to more and more professionals to suffice the growing need of such professionals.

Noticing these activities in market and acknowledging the presence of emerging Digital Marketing Industry people are perplexed whether to join or not? Will they be able to lead a successful career or not? What is the right course to join? Where to join? How to get Job? And a lot more, here you find the answers of these questions. You are apt to join Digital Marketing Training in Delhi or all over India.

You are highly active on social networking

Internet is made the most of by social birds. There are people who love to update their status every now and then. They are very active on social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, g+, and love to explore more about these. If you are also one of them Digital Marketing industry is waiting for you.
You can’t stay away from web

There are people who cannot resist checking the notifications. They believe in the power of web and know that the internet connectivity will not let them forget the way; they will always be in touch of their acquaintances whether formal or informal, they will immediately detect any activity in surrounding etc. Without having connectivity with net they feel that they are deserted in the whole world. If you also feel so, you are perfect to join Digital Marketing Training. 

You fancy exploring new things on web
There are many people who fancy exploring new things on web. Their social media accounts are not just limited to Facebook they have accounts instagram, pinterest, stumbleupon, quora and foursquare etc. If you are also one of them, you should also join the industry.

You Google everything at first

There are people who know that web is full of information and therefore they make the best use of it. They Google everything at first instead of asking people and searching anywhere else, taking smart phone out and searching on web whenever they feel confused is an involuntary action for them. Those who have same things in their blood should join Digital Marketing Training Program. 
You have creative instincts

If you think you have creative instincts and the ability to think out of the box. You can definitely lead the industry as there is always the need of people who think different from others. Search engines are desperate to serve their audience what is new and interesting.      
Ambitious to earn more money

Web is always an open source for those who are ambitious to earn money. There are many people who want to earn money online however Digital Marketing is vast ocean of opportunities and sky is the limit for those who want to make the most of it. 
Ability to make the most of given sources

If you are really testing yourself for being perfect for the industry and you have this including all others mentioned above, you are apt to join the industry.

Finally, when you have tested yourself that you have all above mentioned qualities, you should join the Digital Marketing Training Program in Delhi or anywhere in the country as soon as possible.   

10 February, 2015

Website Planning Guide

Website planning can seem slightly daunting for companies or organizations. With most tribulations and boundaries we have to overcome, we always start with the question, “where do I start”? Don’t worry, whether you’re planning a small business site, or a large e-commerce site, this planning guide will act as your muse and light to guide you through the dark area of website planning.  You may be a new company setting up a website for the first time, or you may wish to revive your current website and develop it to reflect your company or organizations new interests. You want to firstly pin point the features that will appeal to your customers, and the functionality and impact design you’re after. Once you’ve got your ideas defined and moulded, you’ll be ready to release your website for all the world to marvel at.

When planning a new website, or revamping a worn out site, it is vital to define the objective of your site before proceeding. You may wish your site to primarily sell products to consumers or wholesalers, or perhaps you wish to develop and enhance the company image. Whatever the objective of your site, it is important to make sure you have a clear idea of that to help you on your way.

Tailoring to an audience
Every website has a different purpose therefor reaching out to unique individuals and groups of people. Can you define your audience? Perhaps you are providing business-to-business services and offering expertise to other professionals in a particular field. On the other hand you could be selling your products to the public, therefor you need to acknowledge the target age group, and gender to ensure your website is appealing to their needs. You want to make sure your website is appealing and relevant to your target consumer.

What makes you stand out?
In order to gain a true understanding of what makes you different, it is helpful to research similar sites. By observing similar organizations or businesses, you can gain a true understanding of your competitors. It also gives you something to compare to, which helps you gain a clearer understanding of what makes you unique. It also gives you a chance to approach your area with a competitive angle, helping you ensure your service is of a quality and uniqueness, offering your consumer something more desirable than the rest. By looking at similar sites providing similar services, you can be inspired by certain content and design elements, or you can gain a better understanding of what you don’t like!

Decide Site Functionality
When planning your website you will have a rough idea of what you want it to feature. If you’re selling wholesale goods, your consumer may wish to request a quote from you. This is a feature that will benefit your customer and your website as it will be a key functionality to your businesses goals.  It is important to have a general contact feature to any business or organization website so that the customer can contact you directly with any inquiries about your services or products. A very popular feature on websites today is the use of video, blogs or other social media integration. Content marketing is key to any successful organization. Your business may benefit by having special forms on the website which gather leads.


A truly successful website should not be considered as a one-time marketing expense. A website is not just for Christmas. To ensure your website remains current and popular, you need to keep in mind that you’ll want to update your site when you make changes and updates to your organization or business. You should integrate your website in your long-term business goals, and should keep it fresh and up to date to encourage new customers, and regular visitors. 

31 January, 2015

Career Prospects in Digital Marketing

Simply put, digital marketing employs the help of the World Wide Web for advertisement and publicity. As long as businesses continue to grow and flourish there will always be a need for effective marketing strategies, and doing so digitally is the need of the hour. With increasing human interest in online quests, a career in digital marketing is surely an envious one.
I am sure you are bombarded with advertisements whenever you surf on the net. Be it search engines or social media websites, the latest trends in digital marketing have taken the world by storm. Have you ever wondered who the people behind all that publicity are?

Yes, there exists a human being who toils day and night to market products to the relevant target group. It is not an easy job, however; considering the massive requirements, it’s not such a bad idea to pursue this line of work. If you are passionate about copywriting, developing apps, web designing, or social media in general, a career in digital marketing can be a great fit for you.

Future Scope
Before we delve into the various career prospects associated with this field, it’s important to throw some light on the scope of this industry.

• India has the second largest internet population after China, which is only augmenting with time.
• Digital marketing’s contribution to Indian economy is expected to reach US$ 100 billion in 2015.
• This industry is highly creative so there is no dearth of jobs.
• The salary packages are decent for both beginners and a seasoned professional making this is lucrative career prospect for current and future generations.
• The popularity of social media will only increase with time and so will the public standing of digital marketing.
• New businesses will rake in better digital strategies.
• Digital marketing fuels artistic temperament, thereby attracting talented individuals from many backgrounds.

Possible Career Prospects
If you think that a career in digital marketing is the best option for you, hone some foundational skills and knowledge or else you won’t get anywhere. Possessing a specialization in this field increases your employability rate substantially. Here is what you can become as a digital marketer:

Digital Marketing Manager
• Responsible for website management and online brand strategy.
• Executes the different aspects of digital communications.
• Supports all the branded marketing initiatives.
• Uses analytical tools like Google Analytics to report on traffic trends and other advertising campaigns.
• Responsible for social media, website development, and e-newsletters.

Digital Marketing Strategist
• Responsible for the development of digital strategies.
• Helps build plans for user research.
• Ensures integration between paid, earned, and owned media.
• Compiles all the data and results while providing recommendations for future programs.

Digital Marketing Analyst
• Measures, executes, and analyses those programs that are in support of cross-channel efforts of marketing.
• Develops certain systems and processes that standardize reporting.
• Responsible for data analysis and recommendations required by the customers.
• Helps develop strategies to capture campaign performance across mobile, social, offline, and digital channels.

Digital Media Planner
• Manages and develops digital media plans.
• Manages several media projects.
• Develops project estimates.
• Defines a budget for media vehicles.
• Presents campaign plans to clients.
• Takes care of the budgets, goals, and objectives of the client’s media plan.
• Analyzes and reports results.

Digital Advertising Specialist
• Displays all advertising placements.
• Analyzes and monitors online campaigns.
• Identifies areas that require optimization.
• Documents customer communication.
• Works in tandem with other team members including SEO professionals, IT support, Account advocates, and fulfilment partners. 
• Prepares internal performance reports and monthly performance reports for the management and customers respectively.

Social Media Specialist
• Creates and manages advertising content for social media platforms.
• Evaluates and monitors social media results on a daily basis.
• Supports SEO strategies by understanding the priority of every keyword.
• Assists in the link-building exercise.
• Provides recommendation and analysis as the social media campaign evolves.

Apart from the aforementioned job profiles there are several others like Digital Advertising Analyst, Digital Advertising Account Executive, Affiliate Marketing, Analytics, Blogging, Copywriting, Inbound Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Pay per Click, Video Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, User Experience, and Conversion Rate Optimization, which might suit your fancy as the ultimate career prospect. Working as a digital marketer is not so difficult as several companies are looking to hire talented individuals all the time. If you ever receive a job alert for something interesting, jump onto the bandwagon and go ahead with the flow. A career in this field will never be a disappointment for sure.

16 January, 2015

SEO Checklist for 2015

“2015 is here - it’s going to be a big year for Digital. With the ever changing landscape of SEO we have created the 2015 SEO Checklist to help businesses to get their SEO Campaign 2015 ready!” It is highly recommended to download the infographics and follow it. We also need your comment to improve our research. So please download and check...

08 January, 2015

The Importance of Pay Per Call in 2015

The movie Back to the Future gave us high expectations for technology in 2015, and although we haven’t yet seen flying cars or power laces, we are seeing rapid, ever-changing improvements in mobile technology, as well as a population that relies heavily on mobile technology for anything from organization, to communication, to planning where their next meal is going to be. With over 71% of the United States population relying on smartphones, pay per call marketing is a no brainer, and will continue to develop the landscape for performance based marketing in 2015.


Why is pay per call marketing an important advertising strategy for the New Year? It works. Pay per call marketing is incredibly effective in a mobile world because it matches the consumer to the most relevant results based on their search, most of which happens on mobile devices. If consumers are receiving relevant search results, a business’s ROI is bound to increase. And these results are measurable.  In fact, a study by Mobile Marketer suggests that a 70% of all mobile searches result in action within the first hour. We can compare this to other kinds of advertising, such as banner click through ads, which may reach a wider audience overall, but these results are not always relevant to what the consumer is looking for in the first place. Not to mention, Business Insider studies have shown that consumers have developed what is known as “banner blindness”, rendering most of these click through advertisements almost useless.

Cost Effectiveness

At the beginning of the year, most if not all businesses revamp their budgets, goals, and business strategies. This can mean lowered or more closely managed budgets but a continued need to see growth. The cost effectiveness of pay per call marketing in comparison to other advertising techniques is a fact that’s hard to combat. When looking at click based advertising, a single click would typically cost less than a single call. However, advertisers often forget that they have to pay for every click, which, aside from creating opportunities for click fraud, has the potential to be very costly with very low returns. At this point a quality versus quantity argument has to be evaluated, which ties into the next important factor (i.e. benefit) of pay per call marketing.


Pay per call ads are niche specific, meaning the consumer calling wants to know more about the search result, and as mentioned earlier, this creates high turnovers. If you find what you’re looking for right away, how much further are you going to search? Nearly every lead you receive is a quality lead with the potential for immediate ROI. Again, compare this to banner ads, which may or may not send you quality leads, though the quantity of visitors has the potential to be greater. Allison Morris explains that 8% of internet users account for 85% of clicks on display ads (and not all of those clicks are from humans).

In an ever continually expanding mobile oriented market, advertisers would be wise to adapt a marketing experience that benefits both the consumer and themselves. Pay per call advertising is an efficient and cost effective way to achieve maximum results while obtaining quality consumer leads. This form of advertising will only continue to expand as the population grows more dependent on their mobile technology. Essentially, pay per call might be the closest thing to flying cars advertisers will have in the year 2015. 

17 December, 2014

How to write and maintain an effective blog

Blogging is all about expressing one’s personal ideas and views in his own way of writing. A person develops this style by himself. But to be successful in it, one needs to produce compelling and engaging content consistently. Writing a powerful and effective blog isn't easy and requires analyzing before penning your thoughts down. These few tips might come in handy for you to write an effective blog post.

Decide on a Topic

This is the first and foremost thing that you need to decide, the most crucial component of a blog. What are you writing about? Decide who you are writing for. Your target audience would decide on how effective your blog is. Once you have a target group in mind, start deciding on the topic. Your topic should be engaging enough for the readers to carry on reading, and that too, with interest. Think of a topic that has not been discussed about too often. You do not want your readers to roll their eyes at your topic. So, zero in on something that is unique.

Content is King

This is quite a cliché by now, don’t you think? But this tradition has its roots dug quite deep already and is very true. Your content should be appealing and powerful. You already know that your content cannot obviously be a copy and paste from the internet. It needs to be original. The most you can attempt is to take some reference from the internet and its vast resources, but never a duplicate. Choose a distinct topic, and you already win half the battle. Your content will be a detailed reflection of the topic. If you still wish to write about something that has been virtually talked about often, then think of a unique content. You could try a different aspect or a fresh and original perspective to go with your topic. Your content should not be redundant. Try facts that are recent. This would automatically make your content up to date. So summing it up, your content should be:
  • Original
  • Not repetitive at all
  • Directly addressed to the reader. This makes the post interactive and, therefore, more engaging.
  • Thoroughly researched and mistake-proof (I mean, correct, mostly)
  • Clear and concise
Remember ‘less is more’. So, refrain from exaggerating.

Use Examples

Bring in a little life to your blog. Try examples. Real life examples are instrumental in breaking down complicated concepts and simplifying them for your readers. Give examples that the common people generally encounter frequently. Maneuver those to talk to them, surface that interest in them, or, if that is not applicable, build that interest. This is in your hands. Include case studies, surveys, and statistics. These appeal a lot to the readers. Relate all the difficult concepts that you have put forward with these examples. This would help to make your blog compelling.

Think of a Great Heading

A catchy heading would make your blog stand out among the rest. Think up a heading that would grab the reader’s attention while he is scrolling down and rejecting the blogs by just going through the title. Your title should be able to make him linger on it, so that he clicks it open. Now, if he opens it, half your battle is conquered. Your content will do the rest.
Another thing that you should keep in mind is that you can include sub-headings to separate your paragraphs. I’ll tell you why. It’s a busy world we live in. People are running around all the time and so are their eyes while going over your blog. Your readers might skip a few paragraphs if they find it too lengthy, but in doing that, they might miss out on a few points that you have covered right there. A sub-heading would help the reader understand your intention for every paragraph clearly. So, misinterpretation would not be a risk.

Try Using Bullet Points

Using bullet points or numbering your data systematically makes your content more engaging and pleasing to the eye. Thick paragraphs make it monotonous. Break them into smaller ones. Remember it’s all about making your blog more captivating.

Read and Re-read for Mistakes

A few stupid mistakes in a delightful blog post is a disappointing let down and you do not want that. Therefore, read what you write. Check for mistakes. But there is a shortcoming in this suggestion. If you read your content after writing, you are likely to miss out on a few mistakes. But you might not always find a proof-reader or an editor to go over your work. Try this. Keep your content down and finish your other works. Come back when you are done and go over the blog again. You are bound to find the mistakes this time. Trust me when I suggest this since it is a well tested procedure.

Keep the above guidelines in mind and follow your instincts. You are bound to get a whopping number of visits for your blog post. Remember to be dynamic and consistent all the way. 

06 December, 2014

The Benefits of Using TLS/SSL on Your Website

Attached is the PDF, which defines what TLS and SSL encryption are and why encryption is beneficial. It also helps to debunk some of the reasons sites haven’t started using encryption yet, and how they are creating vulnerabilities for both themselves and their customers. We encourage you to use this information for save business.

If you are interested in learning more about TLS/SSL security, check out They are a cloud hosting company which offers a free security certificate with every purchase of their virtual private cloud. Their expertise helped create the PDF above to help keep others safe when surfing the web.

04 December, 2014

How to Budget Your Business Expenses for 2015

Having a monthly budget for any business is essential. The sole purpose for having a budget is to measure goals and evaluate spending on advertising, outsourcing, or expansion plans. Having a budget dramatically reduces anxiety. Once the details have been worked out on paper, you will then know every single month where your money is going. There is no longer a need to borrow money from one account to pay another account. Creating a budget can be a little time-consuming, but it is worth it. It's a good idea to have vendor invoices and recent bank statements nearby when starting the process.

1. Identify Spending Categories. Evaluate where your money is going every month. Make a list of monthly expenses and categorize them. This list will vary by business size and type. By using your bank statements and invoices, you can accurately list expenses rather than relying on your memory. 

2. Estimate Expenditures. Now that your expense list is completed, a price will be assigned to each category. How much do you spend every month on a specific item? You may want to start off with expenses that are usually the same every month, such as rent and salaries.

Now, you can start working with expenses that vary from month to month such as utilities, office maintenance, office supplies, and sales commissions. Although you cannot predict future expenses, bills that vary every month can be totaled up for the last 12 months and then divided by 12. This will give you a good estimate for the year. 

There may also be some expenses that accrue infrequently, such as building repairs. These can be some very large expenses, so you may want to start budgeting for them now. For instance, if building maintenance was $3000 last year, you may want to budget the same amount or a little more for the upcoming year.

3. Track Spending. Keeping track of your expenses is not only important for tax purposes, but it also allows you to see where your money is going. Give yourself a couple of hours per week to enter your expenses in your accounting software, for this will make things easier for you in the long run. When paying bills or making large purchases, you may want to think about whether the services or products are necessary. Wanting something is completely different from needing something.

4. A Balanced Budget. Now that all of your numbers are in place, you can begin subtracting your expenses. Make sure that you are not spending more than you earn. If your expenses exceed your income, then you will need to cut back. If you have made every possible cut, then you will need to evaluate your business goals. How many sales are needed to balance the budget? How many additional clients do I need? How many products do I need to sell?

If you input your receipts in your accounting software on a daily basis, you will always be caught up. This is the best way of managing your money. Most of today's accounting programs allow you to budget expenses, so budgeting is not as difficult. By taking these steps, you will be well on your way to having a balanced budget. 

Aubrey Moulton is a writer for In her spare time, she loves to go hiking on local Utah trails and spend time reading.