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23 March, 2018

The Rapid Growth of Internet

As everyone knows that the Internet is successful for a number of reasons that the life in this century is easy where internet access is available, but it is difficult to live in that place where the Internet is not available and people has to do their work without any help from the Internet. Today, people are very close to each other they can talk miles away, they can face their loved ones either they live out of station or out of a country with just a single click they can access to their relatives who live far away. It is playing an important role to keep close the people with one another. Through the internet, this world is just like a global village. You can take help in your daily life tasks, it entertains you as well and it gives progress to your business and makes you able to get the knowledge of the rest of the world. Before the age of the internet, people didn't meet each other for a long time just because they live far away that particular person whom they wanted to meet but now a day it is quite easy just because of the internet. Besides all these things just think for a while, how can anyone survive now a day without access of the internet because in these days every kind of work has been possible just because of the internet, internet use in studies, sciences, medical, research, business and at every home. So if our life is too much dependent on the internet than what if we stuck with a network that is not providing its customers a good speed internet it makes sick the user that if the speed will slow or it creates any kind of bug during the work. To keep all these things in mind Spectrum introduced a high internet speed up to 300 Mbps. You can access it in every corner of your home. Spectrum Internet blazing speed will amaze you that you can connect it with hundreds of your devices at the same time without any bad consequences on its speed. You can surf, stream, download and even can play online games anytime, at even day and night. Spectrum internet is also secured your PC from external viruses and hackers. It gives protection to your PC against the Virus, hackers due to its Free Security System. You can use multiple social sites without any glitch in speed; you can upload videos, use Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and any other social site on Spectrum Internet. Spectrum provides you a Free Internet Modem. There is no contract is required before to get the connection of Spectrum. Charges of Spectrum Internet are very low as compared to others.

There are many other features of Spectrum like it provides you Spectrum Phone service, Spectrum Cable as well, so that you can enjoy too much just in one. It is providing you 200 channels plus free HD channels. You can access 10,000 movies at one time, plus you can watch Live TV too. Spectrum cable also facilities you that you can watch Live TV on your Mobile devices at home. So get the Spectrum Cable starts at only $29 per month. Spectrum Voice provides you unlimited calls without any extra charges. There is no contract is required to get the connection of Spectrum Cable, just get the connection on a single call and enjoy unlimited, endless packages of Spectrum Internet, Cable, and Phone.

06 February, 2016

10 Tips to Increase Data base and one to not do

Very often our clients ask us how to improve their subscriber list. Of course the size is important! A large Data Base list allows us to make a deeper and more accurate analysis. However, the quality of those contacts is important as well. What everyone wants is to share our message with a lot of people interested in our brand or products. 

The truth is we also prefer clients with a larger data base! It is always hard for beginners. Let’s see what we can do:

1. Website: Include in your website a subscription box. Also in your blog, right after an interesting article you can add a call-to-action to subscribe to your newsletter, catching the reader attention. ‘Receive more article like this directly in your mail box’.

2. Social media: Social network like Facebook allows you to have a special tag for subscription in your newsletter data base, for example. 

3. Adwords: Create a specific campaign to increase the number of members in your list. A promotion will always help you to attract new subscribers.  

4. Download documents: Sometimes, articles or whitepapers are only available on demand. Usually, people have to submit contact information to access the information.  We are talking about an exchange of contact details with valuable information.

5. Register: To access a private area of the website, make a purchase or enter in a website you must register first. Some ‘shopping clubs’ like Vente-privee, an exclusive shopping club in Europe, use this strategy as well as some online newspapers.   

In this example, in China offers a coupon for new registers. ‘Register and get 50RMB off and twice free shipping’  

6. Third party: do you have any partner?  
Partners are usually related to our own industry and products.  This is a dedicated strategy. The subscribers of your partners might take our information as a spam. S, to avoid this we must take into consideration content relevance. 

7. Games! 
When you enjoy, when you engage, you don’t care about sharing your contact details. 
In this example Royal Caribbean Cruise in China launched a game for their audience in Social Media. Their goal was to compile the contact details of all these people who were following them in social media but weren’t subscribers. 

Do you also have an offline place and presence? Use it! 

8. Wi-Fi: One of the techniques that always works is when you offer something in return. Or, in other words, customers’ contact details are their payment method. For example, K11, a shopping mall in Shanghai, offers free Wi-Fi to their guest in exchange for their email address or phone number. 

9. Register for an event: Doesn’t matter if the event registration process is online or offline. Only ask registers for their contact information that you will use to provide them with more details or reminders regarding the event. 

10. Lucky draw
When Lacoste arrived China, they had buyers in their stores but no data base. In order to collect their buyer’s data base, they did a campaign in their stores. Participate and win a trip to Sanya! Lacoste gave away 3 tickets for all-included trip to a paradisiac Island. 
Only a few lucky people could win, but Lacoste increase their data base in China by over 30%.

Don’t do it:

1. Never, never, never, buy an emailing list! It’s bad for all. 
The first thing you need to keep in mind is you are bothering people who don’t want to receive your information, so you are damaging your branding and your corporate image. Second, people will mark your email as a Spam, and you will have bad reputation for the rest of your email campaigns. And last but not least, you will feed the idea of spam = email and you will lose effectiveness. 

Do you need help with your data base, to understand your subscribers or to create email campaigns? Contact Us! 

Teresa Marin, International Marketing Manager, Webpower China.

18 September, 2015

WeChat and social media in China

Social media in China is a unique proposition; due to state censorship the traditional social networks that we know in the west have not been able to establish themselves here. As a result social networks in China are mostly domestic, home grown platforms that are catering for the Chinese market in a unique and specialized way.

WeChat is now the most important platform for marketers and businesses to be engaged with in China. It is the number one social networking platform with over 500 million users. There has been a social networking revolution in China with more people than any other nation on the planet now using social media.

The Chinese are incredibly active on platforms such as WeChat. Chinese internet users spend about 40% of their 25 hours/week online on social networks’. More time on social networks leads to more exposure to content and a higher number of interactions. The Chinese are avid consumers so knowing how to market yourself on social media, particularly WeChat is of paramount importance.

WeChat is a fully integrated platform which serves as an instant messaging service (written, videos or sound bites), a wallet (it is linked to Alipay), and now a taxi ordering application.
Here is some top advice for western brands looking to market themselves on WeChat:

1) Create an official subscription account.

Users can follow subscription accounts to receive updates and content that you post. On WeChat users can only see posts by those they are following so it is vital to build a following; your marketing endeavors will inevitably fail otherwise. Consumers appreciate discounts and promotions that are offered exclusively to subscribers, the Chinese like unique offers so provide these as an incentive to increase your following.

2) Utiize the Key Opinion Leader (KOL)

The KOL is an interesting phenomenon in China, these are personalities whom already have a large following on WeChat. They are considered 'experts' on particular subjects. You need to find the KOL that is relevant to your brand and seek to recruit them to post positive content on behalf of your company. You can access thousands if not millions of potential consumers in this way. Users are very influenced by the KOL's thoughts and opinions.

3) QR Codes

QR Codes have exploded in Asia, they are much more popular than in the west. Ensure that in all your advertising there are QR codes prominently embedded so that users can easily scan them, this will then directly link them to your WeChat account. This is an effective way of linking your online marketing with offline marketing, QR codes are often now included on physical products such as Starbucks coffee cups or bottles of water in China.

4) The Chinese are strongly influenced by their social circle

Engage with consumers, you will need to translate your posts and content into mandarin, but people will really appreciate direct communication. Users like to feel involved with and part of a brand. The key is that Chinese consumers are strongly influenced by their immediate social circle, they often turn to social media for information because they increasingly distrust traditional media sources. It is therefore vital that you are engaging with consumers and their social circle, create promotional offers that the whole family can benefit from. The Chinese place real trust in other users comments and experiences regarding a brand so cultivate relationships with consumers in order to influence others.

5) Create interesting, shareable content

There is a high degree of legitimacy in what other users post. Chinese consumers look to share interesting content. The Chinese particularly love video animations or humorous clips, associating your brand with this type of content is key. What a user shares amongst their network can have a profound effect. A certain style of cartoon animal graphics are very popular in the middle kingdom currently.

6) Do not neglect Weibo

Weibo (akin to Twitter) is China's second largest social network with 400 million users. It is a micro-blogging platform that is more 'open' than WeChat. Users can see posts from anyone, even if they are not connected. Lots of Chinese internet users will be on multiple platforms so cross promotion is key. You can embed WeChat QR codes into content posted on Weibo to increase your following.

With over 500 million users increasingly relying on WeChat for their information it is important to be seen on this platform, if not you are largely invisible in China.

Benji is a digital marketing specialist at Gentlemen Agency. He is passionate about social media, e-commerce and digital solutions for western firms operating in China. 

29 May, 2015

Reclamation of Computers with Teachers

"Online learning is not the subsequent big thing it is the consequent big thing. Come on let’s show the miracles of e-Learning”!!

The technological discovery achieved by computers in today’s world has flabbergasted the whole world by knocking out the whole planet with its information. 

Athwart the web the term eLearning seems to appear in blog posts, e – guides etc. as it offers wide range of leverages for professionals and as well as the beginners in every educational alcove. Students can now easily access their study materials and can learn their course of interest. One can find answers to all their quarries online.

Universities won’t survive. The future is outside the traditional campus, outside the traditional classroom. Distance learning is coming on fast.” – Peter Drucker.

ELearning has dazzled the world by its intellectual advances in technology. One of the educational domains has stated that according to Factbook 2012, eLearning is anticipated to grow at an average of 23% in the years 2013-2017.

Profusion of high internet speeds across the world and substantial advancement of mobile networks made eLearning distance to long stop, instead of being a palisade.

By closely following the current e learning trends of the Global e learning industry that keep on evolving we can build our knowledge and can further develop in the near future.

Colossal openings on online training courses are the sizzling trends in e learning industry these days: pliable and various concepts appear to be simple webinars, real – life lectures and online videos. Traditional teaching or information provided in classroom teaching will have fewer resources when compared to e learning sites so there will be a pressure to cut costs. In order to avoid all these only and easiest way to deal with will be investment in blended learning using the online training courses which are now getting widely beloved. Incidentally here are some attractive and effective online blended teachings providing various online training for your deliberation.

Micro-Learning is another form of learning which is now getting popularized in the field of eLearning which majorly deals with short term learning activities. Micro learning contains stuff like five minute videos, small chunk of information, single page documentation, focused lessons in the sense of a new archetypal outlook on eLearning processes in intercede environments.

They prepare flexible activities that can be easily get built in a busy person’s personal life as the intellectual load is significantly lighter. Let’s not consign to oblivion micro learning is better suited for mobiles.

Greater accessibility and opportunity provided by social media tools will embolden people to benefit whatever information they want. This is what called as informal learning this is destined to continue for the future scope as such excess of online free resources like online training courses, videos, blogs, webinars and podcasts are providing the needed information to each and every student those who have zeal and passion to build their career towards their dream profession.

The main added advantage of eLearning the majority of students will be overseas. As there is no need to abroad as, one can attend each and every session online with same level of education through these online training sites. I can challenge you will have the greatest experience and cost saving will be another added benefit. 

06 May, 2015

Defining the World of Digital Marketing

What seemed like an adolescent idea some time back, today has a presence all over the marketing ideas. Digital marketing which did not seem to impress the traditional marketers at first, today has taken over the methods of print media, TV and radio advertisements. Digital marketing that seems to have taken over the entire internet today. The following article talks about digital marketing, its scope and what future it holds.

The internet reach in India when compared to the world, was not as wide sometime say a decade ago. But in this decade, things have remarkably changed for India. The medium of internet has become more reachable to the widest audience here in India. The social media websites have a chunk of Indian masses as their members and today social media advertising has taken a whole new turn.

With this rise in the digital marketing and rising e-commerce in the country, the job options for digital marketers is also on a rise. Today, the most famous job portals have job listings for people having knowledge about digital marketing.

So, what exactly is digital marketing and what is the scope and future of this?

Defining Digital Marketing

The simple definition of digital marketing says that it is the use of internet for publicity and marketing of a brand. It is meant for people who have hang for the internet and social media. It comprises of mainly four marketing strategies; search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), E-mail marketing and social media marketing.
Today, digital marketing is something that every entrepreneur must have every detail about and be updated with the same.  

The World of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is something that changes fast; really fast. There are a number of uncertainties that come with it. Earlier, digital marketing mainly was all about pay per click (PPC) but today, every marketer should be aware about every other thing that digital marketing comprises of. Here are six such things:
  • Digital Marketing is More than PPC Ads

A few years back digital marketing could be summed up with only PPC but today it is much more than just PPC. In fact, PPC has less of impact. There are a number of more methods and much more effective ones. So, before you put all your money to PPC thinking this is only digital, then put up your learning caps and know all about this field of marketing.
  • It can give you a powerful return on investment

But where do you invest? SEO does not cost money. No that is not true. Investing in the right and talented sources is something that every person involved in digital marketing should know about. The fact is that you may not have to invest on search terms, but if time and money is well spent, there is nothing that can give you better returns than digital marketing.
  • It’s all in the Content

The digital world of internet has nothing but content. It comprises of millions of articles, infographics, blogs, pictures, videos, journals, tweets and more and more of content. A very important fact to underline here is that digital marketing is also content marketing. To mark your presence in the digital landscape you have to be producing content.
  • SEO changes constantly

Google comes up with its algorithm updates every few months and the change is drastic enough to change the entire google search page sending the top to bottom in no time. Following exact algorithms may not be necessary, but it is mandatory to keep yourself updated about the latest happenings in the google.

This are a few things that every person willing to work as a digital marketer should know about. Today a lot of companies look to professionals who have expertise in this field.

How to become a Digital Marketing Professional?

In order to become a digital marketing expert you should have some skills that are most important to get into this field. The industry is growing with companies investing a good amount to its digital marketing budget. As the industry grows, the demand for professionals rise automatically. The basic requirements to get into this growing field are the skills to design a digital marketing strategy, knowledge of KPI’s and conversions, keeping with the basics of SEO and to understand the value of social media.

A fresher in the industry can earn get a job with a starting salary of 25K and an experienced professional can earn as much as 20 lakhs per annum.

To find a job in the field, be updated with job alerts that will keep you updated about various job listings for a digital marketing professional.

Author Bio: Akansha Arora is a professional writer and blogger who loves to pen down her views on a number of topics that interest a reader. She writes keeping in mind the current scenarios and wishes to keep her readers well informed. You can follow her on

23 February, 2015

How software technology helps businesses to accomplish superior performance?

Technological innovations have always aided businesses for good, whether it is typing a simple business letter or handling a very complex operation. Initially, the companies didn’t use highly specialized software programs for their operations, and only relied on some of the general software programs such as word processing software, spreadsheet software, and database software programs. But lately, businesses have extended the use of some highly advanced software programs as well. Tasks like recording attendance of the employees and maintaining financial records are not performed manually, but are executed through highly advanced software programs. Let us have a look at some of the popular software applications used in the business corporations today.

Human resource management software applications:

Probably, the most important factor which contributes towards the progress of the business enterprise is the human resource in the business. So it can be asserted that it is extremely important for the business corporation to hire qualified, trained, motivated, and committed-to-the-job employees. To serve the said purpose, software companies have developed such software programs which greatly help the human resource department of the business corporation. Such a software program helps in recruiting well trained employees for the business, as such a software provides the HR manager with a platform where he may post new jobs, receive CVs, short list the candidates, and also communicate the interview details to the shortlisted candidates. With a human resource management software, the employees can also post their leave applications and mark their attendance records. Moreover, such a software also allows the employees to work on a single project from various remote locations. 

In addition to that, such a software also acts as an information database, as all the information regarding the human resource department is contained in this software. In this way, such a software greatly reduces the hard paper in the business. However, a human resource management software may not be suitable for all types of businesses, but only for the large corporations, which require to invest a large amount of money in their Human Resource Department.

Accounting software programs:

Gone are the days when the accounting clerks used to prepare manual records, from the initial journal entry to the final accounts, as businesses use accounting software applications, which let them prepare and maintain all the accounting records in a single platform. Not just the large scale business, but the small scale businesses are also using the accounting software programs in their business enterprises, as such type of software programs introduces automation in the accounting department of the business.

Field service management software programs:

The other type of software programs which has greatly helped the business corporations is the field service management software programs. It is a specialized software, which can only be used in such businesses which deal in services that are provided to the customers at their doorsteps, such as the businesses providing electric wiring, plumbing, AC repair, and Internet services. Services business, in general, is more difficult to handle as compared to the merchandise business, as in the services businesses, the success of the business totally depends on the satisfaction of the customer being served, and the importance of customer service increases greatly when it comes to field service businesses. 

Employee monitoring software programs: 

In today’s business environment, the most important addition a business should make to its software family is an employee monitoring software program. I am saying this, because recently, several top insurance companies have introduced a new type of insurance plan, named as Fidelity insurance, which grants the insurance amount to the business owner, in case any of the employees of the business commits a major fraud in the business. Considering this situation, the experts have developed such software programs, which monitor the employees 24/7 through their smartphones. Let’s discover the working and some of the features of such a software.

Firstly, the business owner needs to provide his employee with a smartphone, with a software for employee monitoring installed on it. This is done in order to ensure compliance with the legalities involved, as the privacy laws prevailing in most of the countries state that one can only monitor a phone owned by him. The software will collect all the information from the employee’s smartphone, and save it on the service provider’s secured server, from where the manager or the business owner can retrieve all the data using a secure login ID and password.

Employee monitoring software programs available in the market are compatible with all the famous operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. With such a software, the business administrators can monitor the incoming and outgoing phone calls of the targeted smartphone, listen to the calls, record the calls, and even save the recorded clip over the internet. The software not only also lets the administrators to read the text messages of the targeted smartphone, but also monitor the communication made over the social media platforms.

With such a software, the business manager can also locate the position of the employee through the GPS mechanism. Not only this, but it also lets the business administrator monitor the communication made by the employee through e-mail. Employee monitoring software programs also let you check the calendar entries, appointments’ list, and more importantly, the contacts database of the targeted cell phone. One think should keep in mind according to the legality issue of employee. Moreover the admin of the software may also inspect the photos and videos present in the targeted cell phone. Some of the highly advanced employee monitoring software programs also include the feature to control the camera of the targeted cell phone, while most of the service providers do provide employee monitoring apps for Tablet PCs and iPads as well.

This clearly describes that with an employee monitoring software, the manager can monitor all the communication made by the employee, and hence come to know if any of the employees has close ties with any of the rivals of the business enterprise.

Concluding the argument, we can assert that software technology has greatly helped the business enterprises, which help them achieve superior performance. As all types of software programs may not be suitable for a business, so before choosing a software for any of its departments, a business enterprise needs to keep in mind the nature of business, needs of the enterprise, and the budget available with them.   

10 February, 2015

Website Planning Guide

Website planning can seem slightly daunting for companies or organizations. With most tribulations and boundaries we have to overcome, we always start with the question, “where do I start”? Don’t worry, whether you’re planning a small business site, or a large e-commerce site, this planning guide will act as your muse and light to guide you through the dark area of website planning.  You may be a new company setting up a website for the first time, or you may wish to revive your current website and develop it to reflect your company or organizations new interests. You want to firstly pin point the features that will appeal to your customers, and the functionality and impact design you’re after. Once you’ve got your ideas defined and moulded, you’ll be ready to release your website for all the world to marvel at.

When planning a new website, or revamping a worn out site, it is vital to define the objective of your site before proceeding. You may wish your site to primarily sell products to consumers or wholesalers, or perhaps you wish to develop and enhance the company image. Whatever the objective of your site, it is important to make sure you have a clear idea of that to help you on your way.

Tailoring to an audience
Every website has a different purpose therefor reaching out to unique individuals and groups of people. Can you define your audience? Perhaps you are providing business-to-business services and offering expertise to other professionals in a particular field. On the other hand you could be selling your products to the public, therefor you need to acknowledge the target age group, and gender to ensure your website is appealing to their needs. You want to make sure your website is appealing and relevant to your target consumer.

What makes you stand out?
In order to gain a true understanding of what makes you different, it is helpful to research similar sites. By observing similar organizations or businesses, you can gain a true understanding of your competitors. It also gives you something to compare to, which helps you gain a clearer understanding of what makes you unique. It also gives you a chance to approach your area with a competitive angle, helping you ensure your service is of a quality and uniqueness, offering your consumer something more desirable than the rest. By looking at similar sites providing similar services, you can be inspired by certain content and design elements, or you can gain a better understanding of what you don’t like!

Decide Site Functionality
When planning your website you will have a rough idea of what you want it to feature. If you’re selling wholesale goods, your consumer may wish to request a quote from you. This is a feature that will benefit your customer and your website as it will be a key functionality to your businesses goals.  It is important to have a general contact feature to any business or organization website so that the customer can contact you directly with any inquiries about your services or products. A very popular feature on websites today is the use of video, blogs or other social media integration. Content marketing is key to any successful organization. Your business may benefit by having special forms on the website which gather leads.


A truly successful website should not be considered as a one-time marketing expense. A website is not just for Christmas. To ensure your website remains current and popular, you need to keep in mind that you’ll want to update your site when you make changes and updates to your organization or business. You should integrate your website in your long-term business goals, and should keep it fresh and up to date to encourage new customers, and regular visitors.