20 March, 2013

Importance of Keyword Research in Search Engine Optimization

You type few words on the search box; that’s where everything begins! In Search Marketing, keyword research plays a very vital role. Correct ranking of the right keyword can make our website. If not, it will break your website. Learning SEO tricks will not work for you if you do not understand your customer. Because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter how many visitors visited your site, the right visitor is all your website needs. With the help of keyword research, you get a better understanding of the shift of demand. Based on this, you can respond to the changing market and produce your product or service accordingly.

Judging the Value of Keywords

How worthy is a keyword to your website? Suppose you own an online apparel store. Now, you need to generalize whether you make more sales when visitors search for “red dress” or “black dress”. Keywords that visitor types on the search bar are available to webmaster. Keyword research tools allow you to find details about these keywords. Though these tools do not give straightaway synopsis of how valuable a particular keyword is, but helps you to understand keywords better. You can conduct tests to understand the value of a particular keyword on your website.

Understand Long Tail of Keyword Demand

It’s great to deal with keywords that has over 5,000 searches in a day, or may be 1,000 or 500. But in reality, if you combine these popular searches, it forms up to 30% (approx) of the searches performed online. Rest 70% depends on long tail of search. Long tail consists of the millions of unique searches conducted few times in a day. When you combine it, it forms the majority of demand for information in the world, through search engines. These long tail keywords convert better. A person looking for red dress might be only interested in browsing, but not buying. However, someone searching for Calvin Klein Red Wool Pleated Trench Coat size 10 will probably be interested to buy it.

Keyword Research

There are several research sources, which you can use to gain knowledge about keyword referrals and keyword demands. Some of these research resources are:
  • Ø Google Adword’s Keyword Tool
  • Ø Google Trends Keyword Demand Prediction
  • Ø Google Insight for Search
  • Ø Wordtracker’s Free Basic Keyword Demand
  • Ø Microsoft Advertising Intelligence
These tools are used to estimate search volume, take keyword suggestions and predict cost of paid campaign that are currently running for keywords. In order to understand, which keywords you should target, it is essential to understand the demand of a particular keyword and to work accordingly to achieve that ranking.
SEO is a complicated undertaking and a lot of other things are considered in full optimization, but the basic keyword-related tasks are the main focus of Search Engine Optimization.


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