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Showing posts with label On-Page Optimization. Show all posts

04 December, 2014

How to Budget Your Business Expenses for 2015

Having a monthly budget for any business is essential. The sole purpose for having a budget is to measure goals and evaluate spending on advertising, outsourcing, or expansion plans. Having a budget dramatically reduces anxiety. Once the details have been worked out on paper, you will then know every single month where your money is going. There is no longer a need to borrow money from one account to pay another account. Creating a budget can be a little time-consuming, but it is worth it. It's a good idea to have vendor invoices and recent bank statements nearby when starting the process.

1. Identify Spending Categories. Evaluate where your money is going every month. Make a list of monthly expenses and categorize them. This list will vary by business size and type. By using your bank statements and invoices, you can accurately list expenses rather than relying on your memory. 

2. Estimate Expenditures. Now that your expense list is completed, a price will be assigned to each category. How much do you spend every month on a specific item? You may want to start off with expenses that are usually the same every month, such as rent and salaries.

Now, you can start working with expenses that vary from month to month such as utilities, office maintenance, office supplies, and sales commissions. Although you cannot predict future expenses, bills that vary every month can be totaled up for the last 12 months and then divided by 12. This will give you a good estimate for the year. 

There may also be some expenses that accrue infrequently, such as building repairs. These can be some very large expenses, so you may want to start budgeting for them now. For instance, if building maintenance was $3000 last year, you may want to budget the same amount or a little more for the upcoming year.

3. Track Spending. Keeping track of your expenses is not only important for tax purposes, but it also allows you to see where your money is going. Give yourself a couple of hours per week to enter your expenses in your accounting software, for this will make things easier for you in the long run. When paying bills or making large purchases, you may want to think about whether the services or products are necessary. Wanting something is completely different from needing something.

4. A Balanced Budget. Now that all of your numbers are in place, you can begin subtracting your expenses. Make sure that you are not spending more than you earn. If your expenses exceed your income, then you will need to cut back. If you have made every possible cut, then you will need to evaluate your business goals. How many sales are needed to balance the budget? How many additional clients do I need? How many products do I need to sell?

If you input your receipts in your accounting software on a daily basis, you will always be caught up. This is the best way of managing your money. Most of today's accounting programs allow you to budget expenses, so budgeting is not as difficult. By taking these steps, you will be well on your way to having a balanced budget. 

Aubrey Moulton is a writer for In her spare time, she loves to go hiking on local Utah trails and spend time reading.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Domain

The domain that you choose for your website will affect all of your future online marketing efforts. You can make things very easy or very hard on yourself in subsequent months simply by picking the right or the wrong domain name.

Below are a few ways to know that you are picking the right domain name for your online company.

Your name is short and easy to remember:

Remember that people will be typing in your domain name constantly. In online promotion, there is no promotional tool that you can use to put your domain name in front of your audience all the time. You need to make it easy to remember.

Your domain name describes what your business is about:

Ideally, your domain name should be a long tail keyword that you are optimizing for within the major search engines. Barring that, you should at least be able to make a case for how your domain name describes your business. If you are having trouble, you can look on the Google keyword tool to find keywords that search engines deem relevant to your business purpose.

Your domain name is unique:

Your audience should be able to pick out your business from another without a great deal of confusion. If your domain name is similar to a company that already has a foothold in the market, then you are doing yourself a disservice by naming yourself something similar. You may even be getting into legal trouble if you do this. Do not give established companies the leverage that they need to put you out of business before you even get started. Stay away from trademarks and names that have been copyrighted over many years.

Your domain name has a good suffix:

You should have the proper suffix for the type of business that you are running. Although there are many new suffixes that may give you more leverage with your prefix, .com is the go to suffix that is trusted by most people. You should always try to get a .com domain name first.

Finally, your domain name should be short:

Find some way to shorten your domain name into something that is easy to type. The longer that your domain name is, the more likely that your audience will make a mistake when they are typing it in.

It is also good if you leave out special characters when you are picking your domain name. Try to go for a name that has only letters. Stay away from "l33t" speech as well. Not everyone speaks in letters and numbers, so you can never be sure whether people will get the joke if you replace "e" with "3."

If you follow the tips above, you are sure to have a domain name that people will enjoy typing in. They will remember it as a bookmark for your company, giving you more business as they spread the word among their friends. Remember to make it as easy as possible for your audience to find your business, and you can never go wrong picking a domain name.
Aubrey Moulton is a writer for In her spare time, she loves to go hiking on local Utah trails and spend time reading.

03 December, 2014

10 Best Ways to Promote Your Local Business

Throughout a financial decline, consumers have less money to use. This signifies that when they’re prepared to purchase, you want your local business to be at the forefront of their mind. 

Below are ten of the best ways to promote your local business. 

1. Create an Elevator Pitch:

You must be advertising constantly. Consequently, you will require an enthralling elevator pitch. Studies reveal the typical attention span of an adult is around 6 to 8 seconds. If you effectively draw them in, you only have a short time to persuade them to look into purchasing your merchandise or service. 

2. Influence Your Neighborhood:

What’s happening in your neighborhood? Become familiar with your idyllic client and dwell on how and where they occupy their free time. Then look for chances to get ahead of your client with your promotional message.

3. Aerial Advertising:

People don’t catch sight of aerial billboards on a daily basis as they do with roadside billboards, so it captivates them. They finish what they are doing, draw attention to it, and mention it to their friends. Be sure to have your brand name prominent so viewers know who created the amazing banner flying above. 

4. Join Forces:

Assemble a band of synergistic, non-competitive companies in your neighborhood and start promoting each other’s businesses. By working together, you can increase your customer base as you’ll be influencing new individuals. 

5. Network:

Networking necessitates a time obligation and it doesn’t offer immediate fulfillment, but a dedicated network is one of the best advantages any business person can contain. 

6. Hand Out Advertising Merchandise:

Dispensing publicity products with your business’s labeling is an imaginative and lucrative way to upsurge transactions and generate brand recognition. Research has confirmed that together with cumulative transactions and leads, advertising domains produce benevolence and have a keen return on investment. 

7. Ask for Recommendations:

Most people state they are eager to offer a referral if requested, but not many refer customers on their own. Referrals make it simpler to meet new clients. If you aren’t inquiring them, you are neglecting prospects. 

8. Build Connections:

It is a lot less costly to retain a customer than it is to get a new one. That’s why creating great relationships with your client base is vital. One of the means you can do this is by opening an email promotion. 

9. Present Coupons:

Coupons are an effective way for numerous businesses to entice new clienteles. Studies show that people will go out of their way to utilize a coupon, evidencing that this technique is effective in increasing your client base. 

10. Try Free Trials or Samples:

If someone has the chance to come across your product or service, it is likely they will wish to buy more. In today’s market, people are more at ease buying something they were able to experience initially.

These ten marketing approaches will help you draw clients, build connections, and finally, keep your brand at the forefront of future clients’ minds. It’s not solely about the funds you have put in, it’s about the time and determination you invest, and especially, the significance it has for your clients. 

Bonnie Mahan is the owner of, a leader in aerial banners. 

21 November, 2014

4 SEO Tactics to Avoid (and What to Try Instead)

When you're planning your site's SEO strategy, it's important to do some careful research. Best practices in the world of search engine optimization are constantly changing and evolving: Tactics that used to send a site soaring in the rankings may now get you penalized by Google. Let's take a look at a few SEO tactics that you should avoid at all costs.
1. Keyword Stuffing: Even though it's well-known that stuffing your content with keywords is a surefire way to lose your ranking, this practice can still be seen on many websites. Rather than focusing on keyword density, try to direct your efforts toward creating fresh, engaging content for your readers. Develop a set of related keywords and natural phrases that you can sprinkle into your content instead of relying on a specific long-tail keyword.

2.  Buying Backlinks: When you're building a backlink profile, bigger isn't always better. Resist the temptation to purchase a quantity of backlinks: This practice is likely to backfire and end up hurting your rankings. The SEO power of backlinks is derived from the validity and authority of the sites that contain the links, and cheaply-purchased backlinks usually come from sketchy sites. Link building should still be an important part of your SEO strategy, but you'll have better luck developing a smaller number of links from high-authority sites. Try reaching out to influential blogs and sites in your niche to ask for a backlink, or consider creating a guest post for one of these authoritative sites.

3.  Duplicate Content: Many websites make the common mistake of having the same content appear on more than one of their web pages. When search engines see duplicate content, they can't determine which copy of the content to index; in most cases, the content never shows up in search results. There's no way to bypass the hard work of writing original content for each and every page on your site, but the SEO benefits of unique content will justify the time and effort.

4.  Neglecting Mobile Site Design: The importance of a good mobile site can't be stressed enough. According to a study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, 61% of consumers who visit a mobile-unfriendly website are likely to head over to a competitor's' site instead. If that statistic doesn't motivate you to create a user-friendly mobile design, there's even a SEO benefit to have a strong mobile site: Google now takes the existence of a mobile version into account when determining the ranking of websites. There's no better time than today to develop a mobile design that will work on a variety of different devices.

As you can see, many SEO strategies that were effective in the early days of search engines are hopelessly outdated today. You need to adapt your strategy to meet the changing requirements of the current search engine landscape. If a method seems too good to be true, it probably is. By avoiding some of these gimmicky tactics, you can focus on a solid SEO strategy that will get your website the results it needs.

Aubrey Moulton is a writer for Freeguestpost and has over six years of blogging experience. She enjoys Netflix marathons and reading.

15 July, 2014

How a Well-Optimized And SEO-Friendly Web Design Benefits Your Business

A good ranking in SERP or search engine result pages is needed for the success of your business. Each and every leading brand implements ethical SEO techniques to ensure higher rankings in the SERP’s. This shows everything including content, web design, and optimization tactics help improving the rankings in SERP. Here, we will discuss how optimized web pages go the extra mile in helping your online business take colossal shape.

Driving Maximum Visitors To Your Site

Driving maximum number of targeted traffic is not so easy, especially when the internet is flooded with close competitors, promoting similar products or services at cutthroat rates. Although, many SEO service provider vows to deliver the best possible results in the quickest possible time, but not all stick to their words. In order to drive maximum traffic, you need to have the right optimization techniques and implement right SEO tools. With the use of right tools and ethical SEO techniques, one gets ample chances of increasing traffic at good pace. This will help your site in gaining increased traffic as well as conversions.
Develops Brand credibility

Mind you the search results that come up on the Google’s first page and those appearing within the first 4-5 results are taken into consideration mostly by the online visitors. When your company business or website gets displayed on the first page, it means that you have good repute and you sell good deal of products and services that customers mostly need. Getting Front Page means a lot! So, this can be said that an improved ranking enhances the credibility and brand awareness of the business. 

Helps Growing your Business

If you are aware of the optimization techniques and technicalities, SEO can provide you multiple benefits. Concise and comprehensive web content with relevant keywords can ensure robust interaction with your target audience. When your products or services get promoted through article, blog, videos, web copy or info graphics, you get the chance to reach out to maximum number of audience in the most successful manner. With multiple benefits an optimized site helps growing your business.

Consistent Results

Frankly speaking, if you opt for GFP organic SEO, you may not see the results overnight, but you can see an improvement in your site’s ranking gradually. So, to be precise you can see more consistent and permanent results than the paid advertisements.

So, in nutshell, this can be said that SEO helps in ensuring better rankings, improved conversions and driving maximum revenues and clients. To know more please visit:

13 May, 2014

Using various channels for digital marketing

Many people are engaged in digital marketing today, and it is an obvious fact, because online business is greatly prospering now. It is one of the main sources of regular income for majority. No doubt, many obstacles occur on the way to the success, and it is main fact here not to skip any innovation, new updates in this field. You should follow all new trends, which appear on the platforms in order to improve the quality of your work and service. Every year prepares for us some new technologies and it is important to follow them. Today Internet marketing professionals offer some new strategies, which help to boost your online business. So it is really worth to look through them and to distinguish the best ones for you.

Of course, in 2014 the social media advertising takes leading position. It had a great success in the previous year and it is still one of the best ways to increase your income. Social media advertising lets you to target your business to the large audience. It is generally necessary to complement your organic activity and it helps to demonstrate profitability of investments. As we know, such social media networks as Twitter, Facebook give a possibility to companies with big budgets to advertise their products on the platforms of these networks. It greatly increases the popularity of your products and helps to find customers, who are really interested in your goods.

Also we should mention about the significance of good design and interface. In 2014 flat user interfaces are still preferred. They should be simplified, with simple color schemes and white spaces. As for design, it is preferably elaborated for mobile devices this year, because mobile appliances are widespread used now. It is both comfortable for customers and sellers.

Conversion rate optimisation is on its top in 2014. Many companies made it as a key block of their businesses and CRO brought a success to them. It helps to drive good quality traffic to your site, to attract more valuable visitors. For these aims companies should improve their profitability of the investments on such digital channels as Social, PPC, etc. In conversion rate optimization, personalisation plays main role. When you know your customers' intents, interests, preferences, you will set your competitors apart. Make your content engaging and relevant. For CRO it is necessary to track main conversions, effective visitors, to analyze accurately the data.

Email and social media is still one of the best channels to attract customers. Different platforms actively integrate with email. Ads, set in email, are very effective. Many people use their smart phones for shopping now and it is a good way to deliver engaging information to them through personal email. Now many departments and teams are going to combine their work together in order to achieve quite holistic approach. This technology will improve the service and in-store experience, because it is not difficult to observe, that even prices for goods are thoroughly checked by phone users while shopping. This technology will almost completely satisfy consumers’ needs and wishes.

Video advertising is too actual in 2014. It is much more effective, than other ways of promotion. Anyway, it will increase your traffic, your regular income. Of course, it is necessary to place video ads on the popular platforms, and it is worth to make investments in it, because, no doubt, you will get good profit from it. Suchlike advertisement saves consumer’s time and gives better and open access to your products.

There are many other digital marketing trends in 2014, and you should track all innovations, data, etc. in order always to take leading positions. Essay writing services.

18 March, 2014

Best Digital Marketing Strategies for 2014

In this contemporary world, internet use becomes more and more prevalent with each passing day. In recognizing this reality, many business owners are interested in learning what types of digital strategies they need to implement in order to accomplish all of their professional goals in 2014. While there are a variety of different internet marketing techniques that can help businesses experience continual growth and expansion, the following three can be particularly helpful:

1. App Development.

These days, more and more businesses are developing their own apps, and for good reason. Apps give businesses an opportunity to become an integral feature of their consumer's electronic device. With an app, business owners can provide customers with information regarding new products, sales, and any other data that is relevant to the goods and services it is attempting to advertise. If your business wants to excel in the world of app development during 2014, the key will likely be the implementation of a mobile app development strategy. These days, more people are purchasing mobile phones than personal computers, a fact which makes the development of mobile apps seem both practical and important.

2. Web Design.

Although web design has grown common and prevalent enough to now constitute a career, its relevance and importance has not yet grown old. In fact, web design may be more important now than in previous eras given the steady increase in internet use. In order to ensure that your business maintains an edge over its competitors in 2014, it is important that you pay attention to each component of your website. There are many, and some of them include your font, background, content, functionality, and use of widgets. Generally, it is a good idea for business owners to seek assistance from professional web designers when working on its site. Doing so can help ensure that you have an aesthetically appealing and functional site capable of catching and keeping the attention of prospective clients.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The use of effective search engine optimization techniques is one of the best digital strategies your business can use in 2014. Although broadly defined, search engine optimization is basically a process that involves the implementation of specific strategies that will help a website, blog, or video reach the top of the search engine results pages. There are a variety of SEO strategies your business can employ to accomplish this purpose, and some of them include the creation of great content, anchor text, internal linking, external linking, social media optimization (SMO), and online reputation management (ORM).


If your business is serious about expanding its online presence and sphere of influence in 2014, utilizing proven digital strategies will be the key to its success. By attending to the three techniques listed above, your business will likely witness the increased conversion rates and expanding customer base that you want. Good luck!

06 February, 2014

Analysis of Competitive Intelligence Tools and Data Sources

The ability to use big data for your business in order to upkeep with the competition is something that is very crucial especially in a competitive world of digital marketing. Understanding the course of progress of your business marketing strategies will help you define more accurate steps in order to target results. Being able to know what drives businesses to profitability in the digital world of marketing will give you a better market positioning and you have wide sources of information and options to consider using competitive intelligence tools and data sources.

Key points of competitive intelligence

Online marketers are leveraging over the benefits and advantages of competitive intelligence. In essence, the process involves the analysis and gathering of important data sources in order to build your databanks regarding vital information concerning your products, customer behavior and preferences and understanding your competitors. By distributing the data intelligence that you have gathered you will be able to foster better competitive marketing strategies beyond the guess work. Your objective is to use data sources to maximize your business and competitive intelligence to produce profitable results.  

The competitive intelligence tools to optimize business data sources

Search engine optimization Atlanta drives most business towards a more competitive environment by providing better understanding regarding the external business environment of an organization. With the use of competitive intelligence tools it is easy to drive your business towards competence in all your business decision making. You can derive better data sources and convert them into business intelligence with the help of internet marketing Atlanta that can improve your metric conversions and lead generation for better return of business profits. 

There are data mining tools that can give your business better competence to become at par with you competitors. Using the tools, you can extract better advantages in building your digital marketing structures and you can enjoy these following benefits from mining data sources for your business:

1. Broaden your competitive intelligence and translate data metrics as useful information to understand your website statistics
2. Business competitiveness at par with your competitors. 
3. Ability to define marketing strategies and gain better search results positioning 
4. Develop a more engaging business environment that helps you to connect better to your customers. 
5. Using competitive intelligence tools you can give your business a better advantage by collecting raw data that will help you define which important issues in your digital marketing strategies that you need to address as a priority with the following considerations:

Your target market
Ability of structuring a more responsive website design and development plan
Finding the most reliable SEO services company to deliver targeted results based on your gathered data sources.  
Analytic ability to use metrics and how to make them help your business convert better.

There are various aspects of competitive intelligence that can help drive business towards better marketing positioning. The key aspects of your businesses that the competitive intelligence tools can have a significant impact include:

1. Identifying your current competitors
2. Profiling your competitors and understanding their own digital marketing strategies and why it seems to be productive.
3. The key marketing strategies that competitors employ in order to gain better advantage to your business.
4. Using analytical metrics that can be a big source of mining data regarding their web marketing tactics and SEO strategies in promoting their products and services.
5. Discovering more innovative technology that can drive your own business towards better competitiveness and productive digital marketing strategies.

Optimizing SEO with competitive intelligence tools and data sources

Search engine optimization remains to be a vital aspect of all digital marketing strategies. You can optimize your business performance in the digital world using metrics and data sources that will enable you to use business intelligent information that can help your business respond with better competence to meet your customers’ needs and attain a better market positioning by targeting better search engine results page for your website. 

One of the very useful competitive intelligence tools that you can use in digital marketing is the analytics tools that can optimize your search engine marketing efforts. Analytics tools can be a big data source for your business by giving you different metrics to help define a more appropriate digital marketing response based on the current marketing trends and industry demands. Using web analytics, you can easily foster better competitive search engine optimization strategies that can improve both your onsite and offsite website competitive intelligence.

Not only will you be able to identify which marketing tactics are relevant to your business needs but you will also understand what SEO approach you are doing wrong with the help of competitive intelligence tools. The data sources that you can mine from competitive intelligence tools can offer you several search engine optimization campaign enhancements such as the following:

A. Onsite optimization with competitive intelligence

Enhance your URL structure by comparing yours against that of your competitors.
Improve your competitive intelligence by improving your website design and development and consider the website design enhancements used by your competitors.
Reinforce your data sources using analytics in order to understand your competitor’s traffic sources and what keywords are working best for their organic traffic on search.
Review your page title and meta tags if you are using the most productive keywords on search.
SEO integration to your web design and development strategies.

B. Offsite Optimization with competitive intelligence

Data mining regarding your competitor’s link building campaigns
Optimizing your SEO results using local listings where you competitors tend to obtain organic traffic and higher search results.
Social media marketing engagements and defining how your competitors promote their social media brand marketing campaign and how to reinforce yours.

Last parting words
Competitive intelligence tools and data sources can boost the overall digital marketing performance of your website. By using the obtainable metrics, data and information from analytics tool it can likewise enhance your search engine optimization campaigns that can drive your business with better competence to thrive in a very competitive digital marketing environment.

09 December, 2013

Step By Step Action Plan For When You Inherit A WordPress Site

A person can acquire a WordPress website from another guy and what follows thereafter is very important. You don't just inherit the site and then you claim that you are good to go with its management. The all idea of inheriting a WordPress has its own distinct consideration that you must attend to before you start its smooth running. Since you don't have a clue as a developer about the credentials, content, links, password and many more, the following ideas are the most important things you should do after you immediately inherit an existing WordPress site.
1. Change Existing Administrator Password and Email
The first step that you engage yourself after taking his/her WordPress site is to change the admin password and emails. It is essential to make sure that the previous owner of that site does have an authority any more after you take full responsibility of the site.
2. Backup Creation
The site you should then have its own backup created when you are done with password and email change. It is not an option but mandatory to have a site's backup. Failure to do this can end you up in stressful situation just because you don't have any other relevant data from that site. A copy of the original should be available all the time.
3. Roles of the Users Should Be Updated
The other day you acquired a WordPress site; you become the focal point of everything that is taking place both at its server and client point. You must change the admin permission and of course roles. The only person who can be granted permission is one who you trust or share the same inherited WordPress site.
4. SEO and Tracking Matters
It is wise to understand that the SEO strategies of WordPress administrators or bloggers do vary significantly. The best step to attend to this difference is to understand the tracking and SEO technique that is used for that site. For example, you can change the tracking by simply modifying the Google Analytic code. You then have to insert your own tracking so as to maintain the privacy.
5. Perform Security Scans
No one wants to have a site that is not secured. The best thing to do is to use a WordPress verified security scan tool to analyze its status. The performance of the site should also be determined if it needs major scan. A simple way to verify if it needs thorough scan is just to view how fast the pages load. The plugins that came with the inherited site should also be affirmed to be able to determine if they are optimal.
6. Familiarization
You need then to understand what does what. If you are not very conversant with WordPress sites, that should not deter you from exploring it. You can always get tutorials that will help in this. If you are sure of what you are doing, you should analyze and then have a thorough understanding of what each plugin does. You should write this done so as not to omit any information.
7. Clean Up
It is now evident that you have done what must be done when you have inherited a WordPress site. The last but not the least step to take is to remove unnecessary file. For example, the previous user of the site might have had several themes that you may not use again. It is best to delete it instead of just having it by your side. Accounts of users that are no longer in use should also be inactivated. What about unused plugins. For this, just make sure you may not need it in any future before completely deleting them.
Inheriting WordPress sites should not be something to shun. It just needs a person who understands what needs to be done before you proceed with it. The above are also some of the many things you can do to such a site but these are the main ones that need to be attended to. If you don't have a thorough understanding of WordPress sites, you can always use a tutorial either in soft copy or video option. 
Next time you buy a used WordPress site, don't ever forget to do the above and you will be good to go.

05 December, 2013

10 Powerful Online Tools For Testing Your Website Under Various Resolutions

The era of fixed resolution screens has long gone by. In this digital world of notebooks, tablets and smartphones, every screen has a different resolution. Your creative juices spent on your website may bear little or no fruits if the website is not tested for various screen resolutions. 

Here are 10 powerful online tools for testing your website under various resolutions: 

This tool enables you to fit your website's browser in the resolution provided by your device, be it a tablet, a smartphone or a notebook. You also have the liberty of defining your own resolution settings which can later be removed.

2. Screenfly (Quirktools) 
This is another famous screen testing tool for websites. This has a number of screen resolution sizes to show you your webpage on various devices viz. TV screens, tablets etc. Once you type in your URL and click on 'Go', Screenfly will present you your website in various screen resolutions. 

This is another online tool for testing your web pages on different screen sizes. You need to just type in the URL and select the screen size from the drop down menu or even manually enter the screen size. Click the open button and view your website in the screen resolution you want to see it in.

This works in Firefox and enables you to check your site's pages in various screen sizes. At the right bottom of the screen you can see the present resolution of the screen in the status bar. You can click here to see other screen sizes that are available for preview. You also have the liberty to feed in your own dimensions for testing.

This is another easy to use Firefox add on. All you have to do to test your website for a different resolution is click anywhere on the website and choose the resolution from the list that appears. 

This is a Google Chrome extension that enables resolution testing of your website. After you install this tool, you need to just press on the test button which you can find at the right corner of the browser. This extension keeps a record of most frequently used screen sizes and displays them in a list for you to choose from. You can also feed in your own settings of resolution.

It is very similar to Resolution Test. It also features a list of preset resolution sizes which may be utilized for your website testing. Like Resolution Test, it also enables you to define your own presets. 

This tool features a list of various screen sizes for laptops, desktops, mobile phones and tablets. You can also manually enter the screen size of your choice. You have two options available with this tool. You can either check the "in browser" or leave it unchecked. If "in browser" is chosen, the resolution that you get to view the site in is of the selected monitor along with some space for the task bar and other controls and borders. If "in browser" is left unchecked, you get to see the resolution of the webpage. This is very useful in testing your site's visual compatibility with mobile devices' screens since they always render websites in full screen. 

This is a Responsive Web Design testing tool which works well on all versions of Chrome and Firefox. It consists of a screen sized progress bar that shows you how does your website look on various resolutions and devices.

This is yet another excellent resolution testing tool. Apart from being an efficient resolution testing solution, this is quick and simple too. With this tool you can manually select the resolution that you wish to view your website in. It is most compatible with Internet Explorer where it displays the result in the same window. A new window pops up in case of other browsers like Chrome or Firefox. All you need to do is open the website, enter your URL and click on "check page". 

Armed with these tools to test your website for various screen resolutions, you are certain to design a versatile website in terms of screen resolutions that it is compatible with. You also diminish the chances of your website having poor display on different screens due to resolution mismatches.

26 November, 2013

SEO Helps To Gain Site Visibility And Enhance Your Business

SEO helps to make content of websites more attractive, relevant and to be easily read by different search engines. It is a process of constructing and analyzing web pages whereby they can be discovered, analyzed and indexed by various search engines. It is very essential service which is very useful for grabbing attention of your potential customers and helping you to maximize your profits very quickly. It helps you to receive high traffic to your website and enable you to get good return on your investments. SEO will help your site to get the intensity to fight other sites which will enable it to reach a top position thereby helping your business to flourish.

SEO helps people to find your website very easily. It helps to make your brand stronger, better and well recognized by your visitors. SEO process is very useful because it has a direct impact on your business. It is seen that website which incorporates SEO process in their marketing strategy has attracted highly targeted prospects which convert thereby helping you to increase your sales. SEO is very essential because it will help your site to receive more free advertising from search engines which, in turn, enables you to expand your client base very quickly. A site which is based on SEO process will lay the foundation on which a successful online business can be built very easily.

SEO helps you to save both time and money so you should definitely engage it in your marketing plan. It enables you to build your brand image in most affordable and optimal way. It analyzes your site for identifying weak points in its structure and content and makes useful recommendations that is bound to make your site both user and search-engine friendly. It also makes specific changes which will improve your site’s functionality and appearance. SEO plays an important role in the buying cycle and attracts potential buyers to your website through relevant keywords and phrases which are ranking high in search engines where searchers are looking for information about them. It facilitates you to further all your business goals than most other forms of marketing because it offers customers more sales at little incremental cost.

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12 November, 2013

Thrive in Ecommerce using Email Marketing

It comes as no surprise to know that all different ways of online marketing including social media, SEO content and advertisements have been used by marketing individuals to boost their site and related products. But when it comes to selling products, personal touch that includes a human interaction is much needed. As a matter of fact, most conversions take place through emails compared to any other channels. Emails give a chance to converse with targeted customers and provide better convincing ability to push them into purchasing the product.

How does Email Marketing function?

There is an umpteen need to sharpen your e-mail strategy if you wish to sell products. The Direct Marketing Association has even stated that ROI from emails is an amazing 4300%. It has also been noted that more than 50% of people do notice marketing messages that they receive and also avail to the discounts and special offers. These people are the ones who often agree to be a part of the mailing list from specific businesses, so it’s time for new businesses to step forward and build your own mailing list.

How does Email Marketing work in conjunction with Social Media?

If you take the case of any small business that plans to market their products online, they will generally use Twitter and Facebook. The reason being these social media websites are free and displays posts to everyone who has access to them. But deep down these sites aren’t really free since their paid advertisers do get an edge over advertisement sections. Is your content good and profitable enough for all to utilize the cyberspace available on these sites? Explore all the possibilities during strategizing the marketing plan.

It might so happen that you gain a noticeable popularity on your Facebook Fan Page but when it comes to noticing the little slot on the right of FB screen there might be hardly any individuals who actually check it. So the question remains, are you and your product noticed at all?

Twitter on the other hand is more like a forum where your tweets might be lost like a needle in haystack. The tweets are normally perceived and classified depending on its value and may or may not appear for specific keyword search. It is all in the hands of developer as to what filters they choose, but if the business has no investment in advertising on their portal it may all seem to go in waste. In short, the tweets will just be on the account without a purpose and you cannot risk such neglect with your target audience.

Converse with your target consumers!

You should engage and make conversation with the target consumers which provides a very personalized touch through a suitable medium. A predictive analytics platform specially meant for e-commerce marketing teams name, Custora provided a statistic that says that 72 million customers shop on more than 80 retail sites in total. This means that the online retailers have benefitted more through emails than FB or Twitter. Facebook and Twitter are in the lower bottom of growth charts of customer acquisition channels and email marketing tops the chart followed closely by CPC (Costs Per Click). However, the most preferred methods of customers to purchase products remains following links via organic searches.

Custora also provided another vital study which states that the average customer lifetime value (CLV) of customers gained through email was higher than the ones who come through the social media channel. In terms of the figures, 12% of email acquired customers stayed loyal and bought more of the company’s products while only 1% of FB acquired customers purchased the product.

Email Marketing vs. Twitter

Founder of AppSumo, Noah Kagan studied an experiment wherein he tweeted some information and also sent it to everyone on his mailing list. According to information received from Justin Premick, he received a total of 109 clicks from a list of 13000 Twitter followers. But his mailing list that comprised of 3547 people gave him 882 clicks in return making it very clear what works and what does not.

It’s a simple logic; emails are more personal, like the little Ed boxes on the white picket fences. People are always excited to receive mails and emails provide them a similar experience as opposed to Twitter. It may happen so that few targeted audiences do not even access FB or Twitter regularly and your post might just go into the old posts collection making it useless. But people do check their emails on a regular basis and chances of them noticing it is higher in any case.

How does Email Marketing survive through the new Google algorithm update?

Google Panda update has proved to be a lot fearful for SEO systems since it nullifies many older methods that are used. Padding up the content a lot can result into penalization and it can be seen that article marketing, link buying and similar link harnessing strategies have been relegated over the course of time. Google’s Pandas and Penguins have the ability to even check guest posts, infographics and also press releases. All these things make appearance in an organic search harder by the time but customers do still prefer it over any other method.
That is why it is important to change strategies and use something that works well i.e. E-mails. It should be ensured that the emails are regarding sincere marketing and the customer will remain loyal in the mailing list and a fruitful customer-seller relationship can be maintained online.

Do note the two most important parts of email content marketing –
  •      Gathering mailing list
  •      Produce unique, true and appealing content
The former uses PPC and will be discussed further in a new section. But first, let’s take a look at the content building part right now.

Email Marketing and Content Building

Content generation and building is a process that shall continue growing. But it is imperative that you engage wider audience by increasing the content mediums like videos, podcast, etc. There can be a lot of benefits availed by having a skilled team that specialize in searching, writing and creating interesting graphics, animations and presentations. Also it is important to keep someone who can provide you with an attractive website that is maintained with ease. This website can be used to collect the visitor’s mail IDs to build a mailing list of your own. And with time there will be regular customers visiting your site and receive your marketing mails in their inboxes.

Keep the content in your emails simple

Whenever a customer opens your email they should not frown upon the fact that you are only trying to sell them something. It should also contain some interesting and useful information along with the product details. Also let them know about the new products in line and provide them with some offers to boost customer loyalty. Try to get them to write testimonials and remind them to shop with you if that hasn't been the case lately. Also keep it simple and let them have a joyful experience while browsing your products and content without necessarily buying.

It is a delicate yet powerful marketing tool that will help you to generate customers like no other medium like social media networks can do. Website: